A Hen in the Wolf’s Den!! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2 Ep.5 Recap!!



The team investigates the deaths of several Navy officers who were poisoned by HYRDA agents. Raina tells Skye’s father that she needs the Obelisk for Daniel Whitehall. He is not pleased to hear such news. At the HYDRA building, Daniel Whitehall has a meeting involving their latest experiment using the powers of the Obelisk. On the Bus, Skye takes the painting from the lab to examine the drawings on the back since Coulson is keeping quiet about it. Skye asks Ward about the writings on the painting. He tells her that Garret used to do the same writings. Skye then confronts Coulson about the writings. During their discussion, Coulson receives a call from Raina and Simmons is found out by HYRDA. Coulson meets with Raina at a fancy restaurant with Hunter, May and Skye watching closely. Raina shows Coulson the picture she took of Simmons and threatens to send it the HYDRA agents if Skye doesn’t go with her. Coulson refuses her offer and allows the photo to be sent. Simmons is found out and chased by HYDRA. She is rescued by Bobbi Morse and taken to the roof. HYDRA soldiers give chase but Bobbie and Simmons manage to jump off the roof and land on the cloaked jet piloted by Tripplet. Meanwhile, Raina is released and she is immediately being tracked by Coulson. Skye follows her to a seemingly rundown building. Inside, she finds a picture of her father. Later, her father meets with Whitehall and brings him the Obelisk.


Man, Marvel certainly is pulling out all the stops with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The series is tapping deep into the Marvel Universe and building character development in a big way. Skye and Simmons are the focus of this episode with big bombs being dropped. Skye’s close relationship with Coulson has her worried about him since he has started to close her out. She talks to Ward who tells her that John Garret drew the same strange patterns before he mind went the way of disco. Skye becomes greatly concerned and confronts him. It’s no surprise that she has attached herself to Coulson, seeing him as a father figure since she barely remembers her own father whom she thought was dead. During their confrontation, Coulson drop the first bomb. Skye had no reaction to the alien DNA because she was likely born with it. The perfect start to a bad day—finding out that you’re part alien. Bomb number two comes from Ward who tells Skye when she visits him that Raina knows her father and finding out later when Raina meets with Coulson that he is right. And the last blow is when Skye follows Raina in the hopes of getting a glimpse of her dad only to just miss him. By the end of it all, the poor girl is emotionally drained and breaks down on daddy Coulson’s shoulder with daddy not-so dearest watching. It probably not a good thing Skye gets close to her father. The man doesn’t seem like the most stable post on the bridge.

Jemma Simmons going from lab tech to espionage. On orders from Director Coulson, she plants herself in HYDRA in order to learn about their plans and keep the team informed of their movements. However, her toughest part of the mission was keeping up pretenses. Like Skye said, Simmons is a terrible liar and she does eventually get caught. But she does do something that is out of character for her. She planted the device she was using to contact S.H.I.E.L.D. in her HYDRA lab partner’s desk, letting him take the fall for her. Jemma is a super nice person and too kind hearted. She will likely wrestle with herself over this. However this incident is a nice play on her kindness and just what she can be capable of when pushed. But I don’t see her handling a weapon anytime soon. Best part, she is back in the fold and reunited with Fitz who seems to be in disbelief that the real Jemma Simmons has returned and not the hallucination of her. Fitz will come around.


Team Coulson gets a new member in the form of Bobbi Morse, who is known by Marvel fans as Mockingbird. She was sent in by Coulson to learn all of HYDRA’s most sacred plans. She rescues Simmons when Simmons is exposed as a mole. Bobbi displays fighting skills that can give Melinda May a run for her money and rightfully so. Adrianne Palicki portrays Bobbi Morse. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, she played Lady Jaye in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Palicki other roles include Tyra Collette on NBC’s Friday Night Lights, the 2010 film Legion and she played Sam Winchester’s doomed girlfriend Jessica Moore in the WB/CW series Supernatural. She also portrayed Wonder Woman in the never-released pilot episode. I think she’ll fit nicely here.

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