A brand new Crunchyroll website is coming at’cha!!

Many of us anime fans have been lately spending our time watching our favorite anime on Crunchyroll these past few weeks. The top streaming anime website is gearing up to bring a new experience to the Crunchy-faithful with a new website, Crunchyroll Beta.

In Crunchyroll Beta, members will be able to explore for their favorite anime shows in a new way. The main webpage is super easy to explore with suggested recommendations based on watching experience and seamless navigation of of specific show, episodes, watchlists and more. It will also be easier to find simulcasts and dubbed and subbed shows thanks to Crunchyroll’s anime experts compiling them into specified collections.

Another new feature is the Crunchylist where members can create their own playlists for their anime either by episode or full series. They can also name their playlist to fit their specific needs as well as select avatars from a variety of images from a number of anime series. Think of it as the anime version of ‘Spotify.’

To join this new Crunchyroll website, premium members can opt in through pop ups on the website or through header images. At the moment, Crunchyroll Beta is only available to a limited set of premium users. It will eventually be available to all premium users with accessibility to free users following afterward.