A Bitter Pill to Swallow!! Gotham S2 Ep.9 Recap!!



Tabitha hires an assassin to kill Jim Gordon. Bruce invited Silver St. Cloud to see if she knew anything about the information Theo Galavan had on his parent’s murder. Jim Gordon is on his way to meet Nathaniel Barnes at Galavan’s office when he is attacked by an assassin in the elevator. Gordon tussles with and beats the assassin. Edward Nygma has been tending to Penguin’s injuries. He tells him about the murders that he has committed. At Galavan’s office, several armed men enter the building, sent by their employer to kill Gordon. Gordon, Barnes and a couple officers hunker down while one of the assassins enters to office from the roof. He kills the forensics officer and his comrades blast the door the open. Gordon takes on the knife wielding assassin while Barnes and a recruit exchange gunfire with the others. Gordon beats the knife but the assassin who tried to kill Gordon takes the recruit hostage until Gordon shoots him in the head. Barnes orders Gordon to leave Galavan’s office but Gordon refuses, not wanting to waste the opportunity to find evidence to use against the former mayor. While Gordon and Barnes argue, the knife assassin jumps up and lunges for Gordon. Barnes throws himself in his path and shoots the man but not before the man stabs Barnes in the leg. With Barnes injured, they cannot leave. Soon another assassin named Eduardo Flamingo arrives at the building and kills all the officers stationed outside. He calls Gordon who goes downstairs to meet him despite protests from Barnes. Once outside, Gordon fights Eduardo and eventually beats him. While he was taken into custody, Flamingo bites the recruit who was with Gordon on the neck, killing her. At Blackgate, Galavan is furious with Tabitha for hiring hitmen to kill Gordon. He tells her that his plan in motion and the brothers are on their way. At the docks, a group of men dressed in black cloaks make their way into Gotham.


This just keeps getting better and better! Gotham has yet to come down from the high of the first season! The drama remains intense, the action fast paced and the suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat! Assassins are hired by Tabitha Galavan to kill Jim Gordon. She does this not for her brother but for Barbara Kean, who she had apparently developed an attraction for. Gordon has no issue taking out the assassins. (Ezio they are not) However, Gordon is becoming a bit more aggressive. This might have something to do with Barbara telling him that has a monster inside. Or she is just really good at getting inside his head. Either way, her influence totally screwed with his judgement and has him disobeying direct orders from Nathaniel Barnes, someone he praised immediately when he took over as captain. Usually, Jim doesn’t disobey orders. That’s Bullock’s job. But Barbara did something that has him calling his own shots and sometimes in poor judgement. When Barnes is injured during the fight, Gordon tells him that he actually thought about pulling the trigger when he had that shotgun aimed at his crazy ex-girlfriend’s face. Barnes backs it up with a similar but scarier story of his own. When Jim encounters the last hitman named Eduardo Flamingo, he, after knocking him to the ground, takes up a gun and shoves it in Eduardo’s mouth. This illustrates just how much not only Barbara but every criminal has encountered influenced him. And Bullock did say when he first met Gordon that this city changes people. Luckily, Gordon fights his base instincts and doesn’t make a huge mistake.

Look, now we all know Theo Galavan wasn’t going to be in jail for long. He is a man who always has a plan and this time is no different. While his sister visits him, Theo tells Tabitha that his plan is already in motion. Galavan is just way too smart and he is several steps ahead of everyone. I wouldn’t doubt that he expected Aubrey James to be found as part of his plan. If that is the case, then Theo Galavan has played this stinking city like a harp from hell.


Edward Nygma seems to be embracing his inner darkness. He confesses to Penguin that he has actually enjoyed killing and he wants Penguin to embrace who he is. It was only a matter of time before Eddie walked down the dark path of insanity. Cory Michael Smith has handled this character extraordinarily well. He is able to capture that transition from a quite innocent, well-intentioned, joyful person to a man who is starting to find this other part of him that he didn’t know he had and realizing that when you start taking control of situations like that, you can gain power that way. Pretty soon, it’ll be something that he can start to enjoy. And we will enjoy the Dark Enygma.

Pay close attention to the title graphic!! There’s an obvious Easter Egg to who may show up next week!!

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