NEW Warner Bros film has Overwatch, Street Fighter, Speed Racer and more!!

Chun Li.
Freddy Krueger.
Iron Giant.

What do these figures from pop culture have in common? They, along with many others, are featured in the latest film from Warner Bros and Steven Spielberg. “Ready Player One” is a sci-fi fantasy film that stars Tye Sheridan, who played Cyclops in “X-Men: Apocalypse” and will reprise the role for “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”, as Wade Owen Watts who frequents the OASIS, the acronym for “Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation”, and attempts to win “Anorak’s Game”, a game created by the recently-deceased creator of the OASIS, James Halliday (Mark Rylance), in search of its Easter Egg. Wade gathers a team to battle against the evil Sixers, virtual reality players of the corporate giant Innovative Online Industries, in order to end their desolation. The film is based on the Ernest Cline novel of the same name.

Ready Player One features a plethora of pop culture Easter eggs big and small. The most obvious is Overwatch cutie Tracer leading an army into battle with Street Fighter hottie Chun Li beside her and gaming’s most recognizable female character Lara Croft is with her as well. Other references include killer doll Chucky slashing his way through skeleton warriors (yup, I’m calling them that), Wade Watts hopping into a Delorian and King Kong playing “skyscraper hopscotch.” There are so many more. Can you spot them in this second trailer? What more do you think will come?

Ready Player One hits theatres in March 30, 2018!