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Can Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night live up its Castlevania roots?

J1 fans, how’s it goin? There is a game that has caught my interest a while back and I have been keeping track it. It reminded me so much of Castlevania, more specifically Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It has a dark, gothic feel that made Symphony such as good game. The more I see …

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Brentalfloss is in game development?!?!

Yeah he is! Use Your Words! is a video game that plays like a board game. Players gather around a screen (TV or PC, typically) and interact with it using their smartphone or other internet enabled device (tablet, e-reader, PC, etc). No pencils, no paper, no waiting, just streamlined laugh-a-minute fun! SUPPORT the Kickstarter at http://useyourwordsgame.com

A Kickstarter for a “Metroidvania” HP Lovecraftian game!

    SUPPORT their Kickstarter by checking out more info here:   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1168767162/mark-of-the-old-ones-a-metroidvanian-adventure Yeah I know right? Sounds crazy. Sounds cool. Sounds creative. The people at Hit the Sticks LLC have come up with the idea to combine to atmosphere and mystical creativity with the “Metroidvanian” gameplay. What is Metroidvania? Metroidvania (also known as Castleroid) is a genre of 2D …

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Sentris – a Music Game

Samantha Kalman is a gamer who has always loved music. Samantha created a music game and currently has a kickstarter for the project. This is so awesome: merging her technical knowledge to create something fun and useful! Here’s a video: If you want to see more and/or want to contribute, click the link below. Sentris …

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