Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade Chapter 9: Yugi vs Azeem – Pt.3

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Wind Scorpion is relentless with the energy waves it continues to fire upon Dark Magician, who continues to race around the stadium avoiding the blasts. Yami Yugi watches his faithful servant, hoping to discover a way to pull him from danger and turn this battle around. If he doesn’t, Dark Magician will run out of stamina. Azeem stares at the Yami Yugi with a stoic glare. He may not express it, but he is assured of his victory. With the extra sharp performance tip he placed on Wind Scorpion, Azeem’s bey can spin longer and has more stability. He can keep Dark Magician at bay until it runs out of stamina, and then he will use the opportunity to strike when that happens.

Gingka and Yu have been keeping a close eye on the beyblade battle that has turned into a survival match. They have been trying to think of a way to help Yugi against Azeem. Yu already suspects that Wind Scorpion can use sonic vibrations to launch attacks the same as his Flame Libra. Gingka has been made aware of this. He has been trying to come up with a plan to help Yugi. Battling Yu before, he knows that those sonic waves will slow Dark Magician down if it is struck.

“Is there anything he can do, Yu?” Gingka asks.

“The only thing that’s going to work is a direct strike, but Yugi has to time in between pulses,” Yu answers.

“And that will stop Wind Scorpion’s attack?”


Gingka pauses, giving the idea a quick thought. Ever zealous, he smiles big. “Well, there’s only one way to find out,” he says. Then he calls out to Yugi, who looks back at him. “Go for a counterstrike!”

“A counterstrike?” Yami Yugi says unsurely.

“Hit him at the right time and you’ll be able to stop those attacks,” says Gingka.

Yami Yugi looks at Gingka for a moment. The fresh faced flamed haired boy has done nothing but help him since they first met. There is no reason for Gingka to steer him wrong. Plus, he knows more about Beyblade. Sensing his partner’s thoughts, Yugi’s spirit appears next to him. They give each other a knowing look and nod. Together, they return their attention to their battle. Azeem’s Wind Scorpion continues its seemingly relentless assault. Gingka had told them about using a counterstrike, but they must time it correctly for it to work. Yami watches Wind Scorpion closely. Then he notices it. There is a slight pause before it fires another volley of blasts. That’s his window of opportunity. Dark Magician continues to evade Wind Scorpion’s blasts. Yami cannot have his bey go on like this. Otherwise, it will run out of stamina and he’ll lose. Yami Yugi must time his counter.

Dark Magician avoids another round of blasts.

“Not yet,” says Yugi.

Wind Scorpion lets loose with more waves.

“Not yet.” Yugi has to time the attack just right.

After yet another round, the delay happens.

“Now!” Yugi said.

Hearing his partner, Yami issues Dark Magician his command. “Go, Dark Magician!” The purple themed Beyblade turns sharply, rushing at Wind Scorpion full speed.

“A headlong rush?” Azeem says, remaining ever calm. The action nearly catches him off guard, yet he keeps his composure. “Such a desperate move, Pharaoh.” Azeem then commands his bey to resume firing more Scorpion Stings.

“He’s firing again! Should I avoid them?” Yugi said from within the Millennium Puzzle, questioning his next action. He thought about pulling back, but he decides against it. “No! I have to trust in Gingka and my abilities! If I’m going to save our friends, I have to push through.”

Hearing Yugi’s thoughts, the Pharaoh commands Dark Magician to stay on course. Dark Magician swerves around the energy waves coming at it. However, its reaction speed decreases the closer the bey gets to Wind Scorpion. The blasts are coming more frequent. Yugi’s bey continues unabated while avoiding each blast in a hair’s breadth. Soon, the one-second delay happens again.

“Go for it, Yugi!” Gingka hollered out, taking notice of the one-second interval.

Yami Yugi responds immediately. “Special Move! Black Magic!” With incredible speed, Dark Magician bursts forward and slams into Wind Scorpion before it can launch anymore sonic blasts.

“He did it!” Kenta said excitedly.

“Alright, way to go, Yugi!” bellows Benkei.

Madoka and Anzu also cheer.

“You got ‘em, Yuge! Now knock him outta here!” yells Jonouchi.

Dark Magician struck with incredible force, enough to knock Wind Scorpion across the stadium but the bey remains spinning. Still, Azeem keeps his resolve. “Impressive, Pharaoh. You have managed to get through my assault. However, I will allow you not time to be lax,” he says. Azeem stoically raises his hand to his bey. Wind Scorpion charges forward. Yugi commands Dark Magician to intercept it. The beyblades clash in a deadlock, pushing one another back. Yami Yugi’s bey slams Wind Scorpion hard. Azeem answers back in kind. Dark Magician and Wind Scorpion take off sprinting around the stadium, attacking each other fiercely. The spirits of the beyblades battle above with Dark Magician attacking and defending with his staff and Wind Scorpion doing the same with its claws. Cheers from Yugi’s friends erupt with each successful strike. Osiris’servants watch attentively while their master smiles with delight. Shockwaves resonate as each strike seemed to grow stronger. The beyblades clash intensely once more before blasting each other away. They bounce twice but remain spinning. Azeem looks at his bey carefully. Even though he outfitted Wind Scorpion with a sharp performance tip, he can see this battle is starting to take a toll as bey lists lazily from side to side. He sees the same is happening to Dark Magician.

“It seems that this battle is near its end. Both of our beys are showing signs of fatigue,” says Azeem.

“It would seem so. However, my Dark Magician will battle until the end,” Yami Yugi said confidently.

Azeem, for the first time, smiles. “I admire your resolve, Pharaoh. I expected nothing less. But the time has come for us to bring our battle to an end. Let us decide who shall be the victor and who shall be the vanquished,” he says. After a brief pause, Azeem continues. “One final attack. That will decide it all. We pour all our strength into a final decisive blow. What say you, Pharaoh?”

“I admit, you are quite honorable, Azeem. Very well, this duel will be decided with our strongest attack,” Yami Yugi said.

“Agreed. Now showcase the strength of your magician!” Azeem declared, speading his arms wide.

“As you wish,” Yami Yugi said assertively.

Gingka and Yu, who have been listening, question the actions of Yugi and Azeem.

“Are they really going to decide the battle with one last attack?” Yu asked.

“All the more reason to show Yugi we got his back,” Gingka replied with his usual zeal. “We’ve got to get through this together to save our friends.”

Yu nods in agreement. “Yeah, we’ve got to beat these creeps!”

“Alright!” Gingka then calls to Yugi. “Yugi, hit him with everything you got! We got your back, pal!”

Yami Yugi, looks over his shoulder at Gingka and Yu and acknowledges them with a nod of his head. Turning back to Azeem, he casts a fierce gaze. He knows that he must defeat Azeem, who appears to be the stongest amongt the servants of Osiris, in order to advance in the tournament to save his friends and return home. He cannot fail. He must not fail. Yami looks at his bey. The Dark Magician has served well in Duel Monsters. Of all his monsters, the powerful mage has helped him defeat many strong opponents including Pegasus J. Crawford, Marik Ishtar and the young CEO Seto Kaiba. Perhaps that is why this world have chosen it to be his Beyblade—to serve Yami in defeating Osiris and saving his friends. First, Dark Magician must defeat Azeem who has proven to be a worthy challenger. But the Dark Magician is not the only one who has aided him through his battles.

“Yugi, are you ready?” Yami asks.

Yugi’s spirit appears next to him. The young boy has also been at his side, offering his aid whenever he needed it. They battled together as partners and Yugi is the one who solved the Millennium Puzzle and freed Yami’s spirit. Yugi himself has taken on the Pharaoh as one of his friends. Like Jonouchi, Honda and Anzu, he will help Yami as much as he needs. “You bet! Let’s do it, partner!”

Yugi and Gingka’s friends watch with anticipation, wondering why the battle has stopped.

“They stopped?” Honda says.

“Maybe they’re taking a break,” Benkei replies.

“I don’t think so,” Madoka says. Ever vigilant, she has been taking analysis of Dark Magician and Wind Scorpion. She reveals her latest results. “Both of Yugi and Azeem’s bey are reaching their limits. In fact, they have lost stamina equally.”

“So, they have been dead even throughout this whole battle?” Anzu said.

“It looks that way,” Madoka replied. “From what I can tell, Dark Magician and Wind Scorpion have enough strength for one more attack. It all boils down to who can land it first.”

“Well, there’s no doubt in my mind that Yugi will be the first one,” Anzu says assertively.

Madoka smile at her. “I agree!”

“That’s the spirit, Madoka!” says Jonouchi. “Let’s give him our best!”

“You bet!” Anzu and Madoka said in unison.

Azeem and Yugi bear down on each other with intense glares. They have fought a long hard battle. Their beys – Dark Magician and Wind Scorpion – have grown weary as the toll battle takes hold of them. Both Yugi and Azeem, who have been evenly matched, know that only one of them can walk away as the victor. Osiris watches with anticipation. He has been thoroughly impressed with Yugi and the Pharaoh’s performance and hopes to face them personally.

“Pharaoh, are you ready?” Azeem asks.

“I am,” Yami replied.

“Then let this be our final strike!” Azeem says assertively. The scorpion spirit of his bey appears next to him, claws beared and tail poised.

“As you wish, Azeem! Here we come!” The Dark Magician appears next to Yami.

On the command of their respective masters, Dark Magican and Wind Scorpion charge forth, wrapping in aural light.

“Go, Dark Magician! Black Magic!” Yami and Yugi call out. Dark Magician twirls his staff and thrusts it forward.

“Do not hold back! Anubian Strike!” Azeem hollered out. Donning golden Egyptian armor, Wind Scorpion charges with is claws piercing forward.

The two beys strike with a force so intense that a shockwave generates throughout the stadium following the bright light created form their clashing auras. Dark Magician and Wind Scorpion are locked in powers struggle, fusion wheels grinding intensely as they battle to see who is stronger. Yami Yugi and Azeem pour their energies into their beyblades, each driven to prove himself against the other.

“You can do it, Yugi!” Benkei bellowed.

“Give it to him, Yugi!” Honda cheered.

“Go for it!” Kenta chimed in.

“Beat that creep!” Anzu added.

“Let him have it, Yuge! Knock him outta the park!” Jonouchi yelled out.

The Millennium Puzzle around his neck glows brightly. Yami and Yugi can feel their friend’s spirits. They give each other a nod. Then Yami calls out, “Now Dark Magician! Show them your true power!” Hearing his master, Dark Magician glows even more intense. Whirling his magic staff and swinging up his head, the Pharaoh’s faithful servant slams the ground hard, releasing a torrent of magical energy. The golden armor around Wind Scorpion cracks before shattering away from its body.

“My scorpion!” Azeem cried out.

But it is too late. Wind Scorpion is sent hurling through the air by the Magician’s dark power and crashing into the wall. Azeem whips around upon hearing the impact. The dust created from the impact quickly dissipates, showing Wind Scorpion buried deep into the stone. ‘So, this is your strength, Pharaoh?’ Azeem thinks. He turns back to Yami. He can see the intensity in his eyes. Nothing – no one – can quell his determination.

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