Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade Chapter 9: Yugi vs Azeem – Pt.2

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Yugi glares intensely. His Dark Magician is holding its own against Wind Scorpion despite struggling to gain leverage over Azeem’s bey. Thanks to the new parts, Wind Scorpion is able to keep pace with Dark Magician. The Beyblades break away and immediately clash again. Sparks shower the stadium floor as Dark Magician tries to squash Wind Scorpion. Yami Yugi clenches his teeth. He had suspected that his previous battle with Azeem in the park was a prelude to this moment. He was right. Azeem had not shown his strength.

Gingka and Yu watch attentively. They can’t believe that Yugi is being pushed back. The battle they had before was not serious. Azeem must have been testing Yugi to gauge his strength. That’s why he changed certain parts of his bey, so he can find a way of beating Yugi.

“Come on, Yugi! You can do it!” Gingka encouraged with enthusiasm.

“Get ‘em, Yugi!” cheers Yu.

Hearing them, Yami Yugi knows he cannot back down. He urges Dark Magician to push harder. The purple bey follows the command and grinds hard against Wind Scorpion, slowly pushing it back. Azeem, with a simple gaze, has Wind Scorpion quickly pull back, loop around Dark Magician and strike it from behind. The attack is surprising but Yami Yugi keeps his resolve as Dark Magician lands safely. He commands it to circle the stadium as he thinks of a way to break through Wind Scorpion’s newfound defense. Yugi relays his thoughts to Yami.

“This isn’t good. When I fought Azeem before, his bey was not this strong. He must have done something to improve it,” Yugi thinks, recalling their previous encounter with Azeem.

Yami takes a moment to think. Then, it comes to him. “So, that’s what he did.”

“You got something?” Yugi asks.

“I think I do. Yugi, do recall that blader we met when we first arrived here? Taito Katsuya?”

“You mean that blader who was taking beyblade parts and—” Before Yugi could finish his sentence, he realizes what his other self is getting at. “Wait a minute, are you saying…?!”

“That’s right. Azeem must have changed certain parts of his Beyblade to make it a match for us. The same way a duelist would build their deck to challenge their opponents.”

“In other words, he wants to give us a challenge,” Yugi says. With a confident glare, he adds, “Well then, let’s give it to him!”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Yami smiled.

“Pharaoh,” Azeem called calmly. Yami and Yugi both look to his direction. “Might I make a proposal?”

“What kind of proposal?”

“As you have likely suspected, our previous battle was merely to test myself against you. And your suspicions are also true, I have indeed customized Wind Scorpion with the necessary parts to truly challenge your faithful servant, Dark Magician. Therefore, my proposal is this.” Azeem pauses briefly, giving Yami Yugi a moment of thought before continuing. “Show me your strength, Pharaoh. May we no longer waste time and truly showcase our abilities. No more trivialities. We battle each other to the best of our abilities. And with the best of our abilities as well. Do you accept, Pharaoh?”

Yami Yugi ponders Azeem’s request. This could be a trap, but he doesn’t sense any malice. Azeem has been, if anything else, respectful. In fact, Azeem reminded Yami of Shadi, the mysterious bearer of the Millennium Key who has tested Yugi and his friends on several occasions. Shadi was not malicious although the challenges he presented were dangerous. In his first challenge with Shadi, Shadi had Anzu walk a plank placed on the roof of the school every time Yugi lost life points. Thankfully, Yugi won and he was able to save Anzu. Shadi did appear periodically to test Yugi and offer advice, most of which had been helpful. Yami sees this as another challenge. His friends are in trouble and his skills are being tested again to see if he can rescue them. As with any challenge, he must face this one head on. Determined, he throws a stern look at Azeem. “Azeem. I accept your proposal. I will battle you with all of my strength, and I will free my friends!” Yami declared.

“Then come, Pharaoh. Let us do battle! Worthy of the ancient kings!” says Azeem. With a flash of his arm, he sends Wind Scorpion charging forward.

“Gladly!” Yami said firmly. With Yugi, he commands Dark Magician charge into battle.

The two beyblades clash in the center of the stadium, their spirits manifest with Dark Magician pressing his staff against the powerful claws of Wind Scorpion. The armored arachnid shoves Dark Magician back, but the spellcaster quickly rushes back at it attacking from different directions. Wind Scorpion uses its claws to defends each strike. The Beyblades race around the stadium, attacking each other fiercely. Gingka and Yu cheer Yugi on. Jonouchi, Benkei, Kenta, Honda and Anzu show their excitement. Madoka carefully monitors the battle. Her data indicates that both Dark Magician and Wind Scorpion are evenly matched. Neither bey has an advantage. Still, she has to have faith in Yugi. Looking up from her minicomputer, Madoka watches the battle. She sees the determination in Yugi’s eyes. There is no doubt that he can win.

Dark Magician strikes with intense ferocity. Wind Scorpion answers back in kind. The beys blast each other back with an intense strike before reengaging with a more powerful blow. Sparks fly from their fusion wheels grinding together. This is reflected in their spirits fighting above with Dark Magician and Wind Scorpion locked in combat. Azeem watches the battle closely. He displays a hint of satisfaction.

“Impressive, Pharaoh. I admire your strength thus far. However, you must forgive me,” Azeem says. Then he casts a dark glare at Yami. “I have yet to show you my true strength.”

“What?!” Yami reacted.

“The truth is, my Wind Scorpion is stronger than what I have shown you previously,” said Azeem. “Observe.” He holds an open handout towards his bey. Flashing brightly, Wind Scorpion drops back and snaps forward with a strike strong enough to flip Dark Magician in the air. Though the purple bey lands upright, it’s safety is not assured. “Now. Special Move Whirlwind Slash.” With that stoic command, Wind Scorpion glows brightly before firing a crescent shaped wave of energy that knocks Dark Magician back.

“What was that?!” Yami Yugi said with shock.

“That is how I will turn the tide of this battle,” Azeem says calmly. Raising an arm, he commands Wind Scorpion. “Again, my Scorpion.” Wind Scorpion fires another wave of energy.

“Yugi dodge it! Hurry!” Yu hollers out.

Yami looks over his shoulder momentarily. Seeing the urgency in Yu’s eyes, he commands Dark Magician to dodge just before it strikes. Wind Scorpion continues to fire volley after volley of energy waves as Dark Magician races around the stadium, narrowly avoiding each shot.

“Yu, do you know what’s going on?” asks Gingka.

“Those blasts his bey is firing. They’re the same as Libra’s Sonic Wave,” says Yu.

“Huh? The same as Libra?” Gingka replied with a puzzled look.

“My guess is that Wind Scorpion uses sonic vibrations for its attacks. Unless Yugi finds a way to stop it, he’s gonna be in trouble,” Yu warned.

Inside the magic barrier, Gingka and Yugi’s friends watch the battle, greatly concerned for Yugi who is forced to have Dark Magician run around the stadium to stay alive. Jonouchi, Honda and Anzu normally wouldn’t be concerned when Yugi is backed into a corner, however, this is not a Duel Monsters match. Though it is similar, there are things about Beyblade that differ from Duel Monsters. Things that not even Yugi or the Pharaoh can figure out.

Benkei and Kenta are surprised by Wind Scorpion’s new attack. When Yugi battled Azeem in the park, Wind Scorpion did not display this attack. They can only assume that Azeem was holding back then. Madoka taps the keys of her minicomputer which is busy analyzing Wind Scorpion. The minicomputer beeps when its analysis is complete.

“No way!” she says.

“What is it, Madoka?” asks Kenta.

“I just ran an analysis on Wind Scorpion. Somehow, it can use vibration attacks the same as Flame Libra.”

“What?! It can use the same attacks as Flame Libra?!” Benkei said boisterously.

“Uh, I’m assuming that’s a bad thing,” says Honda.

“That’s what it seems like,” Anzu added.

“Yu’s Flame Libra uses sonic vibrations to attack. Wind Scorpion is generating the same sonic vibrations as Libra and using an attack similar to Libra’s Sonic Wave. Any bey struck by those sonic waves will lose stamina with each shot,” Madoka explained.

With Madoka’s explanation, Anzu and Honda fear the worse for their friend. “So, if those waves hit Yugi’s bey…” Anzu says worriedly.

“The Dark Magician can see his final curtain call,” Honda said.

Jonouchi, who had been listening and taking everything in, looks out at the battle. It frustrated him that he couldn’t be there by his friend’s side. Instead, he is caged like an animal, unable to do anything. Yugi could be in trouble and there is nothing he can do anything about it. Jonouchi punches the barrier in anger. “Damn it!”

“Katsuya?” Anzu knows how easily Jonouchi can get frustrated, especially when it comes to helping Yugi. Like him, she also wants to be by Yugi’s side.

“Yo dude, watch your mouth in front of a lady!” Honda reprimanded.

“Thank you, Honda,” Anzu adds, crossing her arms.

“And Anzu!” Honda finished saying, regarding Madoka, not Anzu.

Anzu shoots him a look.

Jonouchi looks at Kenta and then Madoka. “Eh, sorry guys,” he says to them. “It just stinks that we can’t support our pals while we’re trapped in here like rats.”

“I can only see one rat,” Honda shot at Jonouchi.

Anzu reacts, however, and punches Honda in his arm. “Knock it off, Hitaro!” she snaps at him with a whisper. “And that was for earlier!”

“Yeah, how can you be mean to Anzu like that, you jerk?!” Madoka interjected.

“I know how you’re feeling, Jonouchi,” says Kenta, stepping toward Jonouchi. “I’d also like to be out there with Gingka and Yu, cheering them on and supporting them. Gingka’s my best friend. He taught a lot about Beyblade and showed my things that I didn’t know. It’s because of Gingka that I’m able to battle alongside him. We’ve been through a lot together. And from what Yugi told us, the same goes for you two as well.” Kenta turns to look out at Gingka. He places a hand on the barrier wall. “Even though we can’t be right there with them, we can cheer them on and still show them our support. That’s all we can do right now. I believe they can hear us somehow.” Kenta reflects for a moment. He and Gingka have always supported each through the many battles they have been in. Even when Kenta couldn’t join Gingka when he entered the World Beyblade Tournament, he still cheered him on. This tournament, Valley of the Kings, is no different.

Looking at him, Jonuochi knows that Kenta is right. Though they are sealed in this space, that doesn’t mean that they cannot show continued support for their friends. And he agrees with Kenta. Gingka, Yugi and Yu may be able to hear them somehow even from behind this wall. He steps up next to Kenta and places a hand on his shoulder. “You know, Gingka’s lucky to have a pal like you,” he says. Kenta looks up at Jonouchi who smiles back and adds, “And so am I.”

“You think of me as a friend?” Kenta said curiously.

“Sure. You helped out Yugi when he needed it and brought him here to us when we were worried about him. Knowing that he ran into some nice folks like you makes us feel better,” Jonouchi says kindly.

“Katsuya’s right. If Yugi hadn’t met you, we don’t know what would have happened,” Anzu agreed.

“Well, it was the least we could do. We couldn’t just leave him to wonder around like that,” Benkei says, rubbing he back of his neck with a sheepish grin.

“Yugi looked so worried, we had to help,” says Madoka.

“Yeah, it’s awesome you guys helped Yugi out, even if it only led him into this crazy tournament,” Honda said with his usual cynicism.

However, Madoka, who tries to keep things positive, and Anzu, who knows how cynical Honda can be at times, quickly express their dismay. “Hitaro!” the girls hollered.

“What?! What did I say?!” Honda shot back, throwing up defensive hands. Madoka and Anzu glare at him.

Though they hear the commotion, Jonouchi, Kenta and Benkei keep their focus on Yugi’s battle with Azeem. Dark Magician continues to race around the stadium while dodging energy wave blasts from Wind Scorpion. Kenta asks Jonouchi if Yugi can find a way to beat Azeem. Jonouchi replies, “I’ve known Yugi for a while. No matter who he’s up against, whether it’s Duel Monsters or Beyblade, he always finds a way to win. I wouldn’t doubt that Yuge figures out Azeem’s bey.”

“Plus, Gingka and Yu are with him. Madoka said that Wind Scorpion uses vibrations to launch attacks like Flame Libra,” Benkei tells him.

“Yeah, that’s right. Yu and Gingka can tell Yugi what’s up with Wind Scorpion,” said Jonouchi.

“You and I may not be out there but Yu and Gingka are. They’ll definitely help Yugi out,” Kenta says assertively.

Jonouchi looks at Kenta and smiles. “I’m counting on it,” he says.

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