Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade Chapter 9 Pt.1: Yugi vs Azeem

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Gingka smiles back. No blader can ever find Beyblade boring, no matter how much they claim it. Kobal was no different. She exhibited no interest in Beyblade but Gingka knew better. He knew he can get her to enjoy Beyblade even if it was for a fleeting moment. The smile she gave to him before being transported into the magic barrier told him that maybe—just maybe—she will enjoy Beyblade a little more.

“Yay, Gingky! That was so much fun!” Yu said excitedly.

“Excellent match, Gingka,” Yami Yugi praised.

“Thanks. It was a great battle,” said Gingka.

Just then, Yugi speaks to Yami. “Gingka did great, didn’t he?”

“Yes, and with this victory we are one step closer to rescuing our friends,” said Yami.

“And beating Osiris and getting back home,” Yugi added.

Yami nods his agreement to Yugi when suddenly they hear someone call to them.

“Pharaoh, it is time,” says Azeem.

Yami and Yugi look up to see that their battle with Azeem is next.

“They’re not wasting anytime, are they?” said Yugi.

“It seems that way,” Yami replied.  “No doubt they want to finish us off as quickly as possible.”

“Then we cannot hold back.”

“You’re right.” Yami and Yugi exchange knowing looks. They both know that they cannot be loose from here on out. Osiris’ remaining servants will battle their hardest to defeat them, Gingka and Yu. Yami walks toward the stadium. “Gingka, you fought an excellent battle. Now it is my turn to do the same,” he says to Gingka as he passes him by.

“Don’t worry, Yugi. You got this,” says Gingka.

“Yeah, waste that creep,” Yu piped up.

“Right,” Yami replied. He turns and continues to the stadium.

Azeem gazes at him with piercing eyes. “Time is not a commodity, Pharaoh. If you wish to save your friends, you should not waste it,” he says with a stoic tone.

“When it comes to saving my friends, time is the last thing I’ll waste,” Yami Yugi said back sternly.

“You wish to save them?” Azeem says. Then he takes out his launcher and inserts his Beyblade. “If you’re strong enough to do so, then show me.”

“Very well.” Yami Yugi takes his launcher and inserts Dark Magician. “For our friends, I will.”

Azeem stares Yami Yugi down. He flashes a hint of a smile. “Then let us begin.”

After Yami Yugi and Azeem count down, they fire their Beyblades into the stadium. Dark Magician and Wind Scorpion circle around the stadium. Yami Yugi and Azeem size each other’s beys up. Yami recalls their previous encounter. Wind Scorpion can summon a wall of wind to protect itself from attacks, and there’s a five second window before it can use Desert Storm Barrier again. That is the moment he must attack. Although, Azeem has seen this strategy before and may have come up with a countermeasure. Coordinating with Yugi, Yami comes up with a plan.  “You said time is not a commodity, Azeem. Therefore, I shall strike first,” says Yami. Then he calls to his Beyblade. “Go, Dark Magician!” The purple bey charges for Wind Scorpion. Yami and Yugi, from within the Millennium Puzzle, watch their bey closely.

So does Azeem. Osiris’ servant keeps a sharp gaze on Dark Magician. Just as it is ready to strike, he makes his move. “Now Wind Scorpion!” he says. Wind Scorpion quickly evades at the last second, letting Dark Magician zip pass. Their Fusion Wheels nearly touch. The move surprises everyone.

“He dodged it?!” Gingka reacted.

“No way! How the heck did he do that?!” said Jonouchi.

“Yugi had him dead on! And that Azeem guy dodged at the last second!” added Honda.

“This doesn’t make sense,” Madoka said. She is going over the data she collected on Desert Scorpion from Yugi and Azeem’s earlier battle in the park.

Anzu hears her and asks, “What’s wrong, Madoka?”

“Azeem’s bey. It’s different from before,” she replies. Madoka taps the keys of her mini pad. What the new specifications of Desert Scorpion reveal raises her concern. “It looks like Azeem customized his bey.”

“Customized his bey?” Honda said curiously.

“He replaced certain parts of it. Namely his Fusion Wheel and Performance Tip.” Madoka taps a few keys. Her mini pad scans Wind Scorpion and shows her the alarming specs. “No way! Azeem gave his bey the W0897 Storm Wing and a CP3996 Performance Tip.”

“I have no clue what that is, but it doesn’t sound good,” says Anzu.

“The Fusion Wheel is similar to Galaxy Pegasus and the Performance Tip is also an eternal sharp tip like Yu’s Flame Libra.”

“So, what. That’s means that Azeem’s Wind Scorpion is now an attack and stamina type?” Kenta surmised.

“That can’t be good,” says Benkei.

“No, it’s not. Azeem customized Wind Scorpion to match Yugi’s Dark Magician. That battle between them before, it was probably to test Yugi to see what Dark Magician was capable of,” Madoka tells.

“Man, even after hearing about it, I still do get it,” Honda said, scratching his head in confusion.

“I do,” Jonouchi says, finally speaking up.

“You do?” asked Anzu.

“Good, then please explain it. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all this,” Honda added.

“It’s not really that hard to figure out, Hiroto. It’s just like Duel Monsters. A duelist will build a deck that would be best effective against their opponent. What Azeem did is no different than what me or Yugi would do when we’re dueling. Think of Azeem’s bey as his duel deck. He built it to go up against Yuge because he wants to win this thing also,” Jonouchi said. He is watching the battle between Yugi and Azeem. He has heard all that has been said and is gaining a better understanding of Beyblade, by comparing it to Duel Monsters. “It’s just like you said, Madoka. That earlier duel between Yugi and Azeem was just a test. Azeem built his bey to combat Yugi. But no matter what, whether it’s Duel Monsters, Capsule Monsters or Beyblade, Yugi will always give it all he’s got.”

Anzu nods in agreement. “You’re right, Jonouchi. Yugi will pull through this. He always does.”

“Yeah, he’s gotten out of tighter spots than this,” Honda said. “It’ll be a piece of cake.”

Listening to Yugi’s friends cheer him on, Kenta, Benkei and Madoka feel inspired by them. Many times, Gingka has faced incredible odds and managed to overcome them. They always stood by him. Just as Yugi’s friends are standing by him now.

“You’re right. Yugi and Gingka are alike. Yugi will beat that creep no matter how much he customized his bey,” says Madoka.

“Yeah, and Gingka and Yu, too,” Kenta adds.

“Then let’s cheer all of them on, you guys! Bu-Bu-Bu-Bull!!” Benkei bolstered, trumpeting his battle cry.

“I’m with ya, big guy!” Honda said, laying an arm across Benkei’s broad shoulders.

“Count me in!” Jonouchi says wearing a wide grin.

“Then let’s do it, guys!” Benkei proudly bellowed. Together, they bellow forth Benkei’s signature battle yell. Madoka, Anzu and Kenta can’t help but laugh at the trio of strangers who have quickly become friends.

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