Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament at J1-Con! Cash Prizes!

It’s TIME to D-D-D-D-DUEL!! Well.. not quite yet! Our upcoming J1-Con event will feature a Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game tournament. $5.00 Entry fee – Swiss Elimination. Of course, after the tournament, card gamers will be welcome to play against others freely in the game of their choice. Be it Vanguard, Duel Masters, Magic or Pokemon, bring your decks! Several tables will be provided for free play tabletop gaming in the gaming room.

J1 CON Yu-Gi-Oh Pixlr
PRIZES: 1st Place = 70%, 2nd Place = 20%, 3rd Place = 10% of the Entry fee collection

For the full list of rules, as well as banned and limited cards, visit the gaming page on the J1-Con website.



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