You’ll flip over these Gravity Rush 2 figma!!

GR2_kat and raven

Check out these amazing figures of Gravity Rush 2 heroines Kat and Raven. Soon to be released by Good Smile and Max Factory, both girls are beautifully crafted and super posable with more than 20 points of articulation. Kat and Raven come with a stand that lets you put them in different positions that shows off their gravity shifting abilities, their respective companions Dusty and Xii, and a special stand that allows for posing while in mid air. The girls are available with different facial expressions to show their mood. Kat comes with special pieces to recreate “Lunar Style” and “Jupiter Style.” Raven comes with her memorable mask from the series. You can add Kat and Raven to your collection this Fall with Kat expected to be available in October while Raven is set to follow her friend two months afterward.

Gravity Rush 2 Kat

Gravity Rush 2 Raven

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