Yes, they never stopped playing!! G4 returns in 2021!!

Geeks! Players! Pipe up your fandom! The classic hub for all things gaming is making a comeback. The official Twitter accounts for Attack of the Show, X-Play and G4tv posted a teaser trailer revealing G4’s return in 2021.

This announcement is much needed now in a time where the gaming community has grown from underground dwellings to main stream media with tournaments such as Overwatch League and Call of Duty League bringing the world of competitive gaming to the limelight. G4 was THE place for all things gaming back in the early 2000s and its popular shows – Attack of the Show, X-Play – still resonate with fans. So if you are like me, you are excited to see its return.

What you favorite G4 memory?

G4tv originally launched in April 24, 2002. It is a pay television network that is owned by G4 Media, a joint venture between the NBCUniversal Cable division of NBCUniversal and Dish Network that focused on the world of video games before transitioning to general programming before ceasing operations December 31, 2014.

Until next time, this is DevilDriver1313 and I’ll see you “On the NXT LVL!”