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Chapter 4

The next morning went as normal as usual.  Brayden’s mom had already left for work while he was in the shower.  It was about 8:00 when he finished his shower, got dressed, and left for school.  On his way to catch the bus, Brayden cuts through the field next to the local school.  Images of yesterday’s late afternoon storm returned to his mind.  He remembers it all up to the point he was knocked unconscious.  When the first lightning bolt struck him, there was intense pain at first.  But then as Brayden felt the electricity flow through his body, he actually felt a soothing sensation before the pain returned.  When he was struck the second time, more pain came with it, however, the same soothing feeling returned as well.  It relaxed Brayden, making him feel at ease.  Without realizing it, Brayden had stopped at the very spot where he was struck twice by lightning.  “What happened yesterday?” he thought.  Just then he hears a large vehicle approaching.  Looking up, Brayden sees the bus driving up the street towards the bus stop.  He breaks into sprint in an attempt to catch up with the bus before it leaves. 

At the bus stop, a couple people were boarding the bus when one man notices Brayden running for the bus.  “Hey, hold up, someone else is coming,” he tells the driver.

“Look if they ain’t here, I ain’t waitin’,” the driver rudely responded.  He closes the door just as Brayden reaches the rear bumper.  Brayden bangs the side of the bus, hollering for the driver to stop.  The bus driver hears but ignores Brayden’s cries and continues to drive.  Brayden chases the bus to the next light that is about to turn red.

“That light takes forever to turn green.  There’s no way I’m being late for school,” Brayden said, seeing this as an opportunity to catch the bus.  The traffic light shifts red, but the bus driver continues on his unerring path.  “Man, are you serious?” Brayden reacted after watching the bus blow through the light.  The bus turns right onto another street.  Brayden stops and quickly shoots down a small street just before it.  He hadn’t noticed it yet, but he is running at an incredible speed, faster than the fastest Olympic sprinter.  Brayden rapidly approaches another side street on the left and, with a sharp turn, he dashes down it with blazing speed.  The street he is running down is set to intercept the bus.  He increases his speed to ensure he makes it.  Soon Brayden reaches the main street the bus turned on.  Almost on cue, he and the bus meet.  Brayden, without skipping a beat, sprints down the sidewalk keeping pace with the bus.

On the bus, the passengers behaved as passengers normally do.  They talked amongst each other or on their cell phones.  Some quietly read the newspaper, catching up on current events.  There were about a dozen or so people on the bus.  Near the back of the bus sat a mother and her daughter.  The daughter was playing with her doll when she notices Brayden running alongside the bus from the sidewalk.  “Mommy, look,” she said, tugging on her mother’s sleeve, “That man is running really fast.”  The girl’s mother peeks over.

“Wow, he really is fast,” she said, fully looking out the window.  A man in the seat in front of her overhears the mother and looks for himself.  A look of amazement appears on his face.

“Hey, check this out,” he says, waving a couple people over.

A young couple moves over to the side of the bus where the man is.  They see Brayden as well, keeping up with the bus.  The passengers look on in awe.  They have never seen anyone run so fast.  They questioned how someone can keep pace with a moving vehicle.  They wondered if Brayden was a track star.  It is now that the bus driver happens to peek up at the rear-view mirror to see nearly everyone gathered on one side of the bus, gawking at something amazing.  He looks at the mirror on the passenger door and is shocked to see the same guy he left behind a few blocks back now sprinting alongside his bus.  “What the…?” said the awestruck bus driver.  The driver was distracted that he nearly drives through a red-light.  Luckily, he stops the bus just in time.  Brayden, however, continues on to the next bus stop.  Soon the light turns green and the bus driver heads for the next stop.  Once there he sees Brayden coolly leaning against the sign.  With a hint of reluctance, the driver opens the doors to allow the teen who chased his bus and caught it after several blocks to get on.

Brayden steps on the bus.  “Thanks,” he says with a cool grin.  The other passengers look at Brayden as he walks down the aisle.  They murmured amongst themselves about the speedy young man.

“I can’t believe he actually kept up with it,” one person said.

“I’d never seen anyone run that fast,” said another person.

“How fast was the bus going?” the woman asked her boyfriend.

“I don’t know.  I guess about thirty or more,” the boyfriend answered.

“Guess he really wanted this bus,” said an older gentleman.

“He has to be a track star, I mean look at him,” said a girl about Brayden’s age.

“Yeah and he’s kinda cute,” her friend commented.

 As Brayden made his way to the back of the bus, the little girl who spotted him taps his arm, getting his attention.  “You’re pretty fast, mister,” she said with a bright smile.

“Yeah, I guess I was.  Just remember to eat your vegetables, okay?” Brayden said, returning her smile.  The girl nods her head and giggles.  Brayden continues to the back and sits down.  The bus driver, still in disbelief, watched Brayden in the mirror.  He couldn’t stop wondering how someone was able to keep up with a vehicle traveling at nearly forty miles per hour.  While he is pondering this, the driver feels someone tap his shoulder. He looks to the man sitting behind him.  It was the same casually dressed man he picked up earlier.

“I told you to hold up,” the man said.  The bus driver grumbles under his breath as he closes the door and continues his route.

Standing on the corner on the previous block a shadowy figure watched the bus drive off.  This figure has also witnessed Brayden’s speed run through the streets.  A cloaked shadowy person was also present when Brayden was struck twice by lightning and watched his amazing recovery.  The figure soon evaporates into nothingness.

Brayden takes out his CD player, puts on the headphones and turns it on.  The sound of fast beating drums and blaring guitars relax him.  Looking out the window, he reflects on the events of yesterday afternoon while watching the streets and building roll by.  Now he can add his marathon race with a bus to the list of weirdness in his mind.  “Did I really chase a bus driving at forty miles an hour and stay with it?” Brayden questioned in his mind.  He started to wonder how that was possible, but all that came to mind was how he felt.  During his speedy pursuit, Brayden felt very energetic.  He didn’t seem to tire the faster he ran.  Any other person would be gasping for their breath, but Brayden is not.  He feels just as fine as if he had taken a quiet stroll through the park.  Wondering about this had him thinking whether it has something to do with getting struck by lightning.  The idea is ridiculous, yet not totally out of the question.  Brayden’s mind wonders bit and, for a moment, he swears he could hear a voice in the back of his mind.  The voice was calm and soothing.  Soon it fades just as quickly as he heard it, replaced by the singer’s lion-like vocals backed by thunderous drums and screeching guitars.

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