Xeo Nexus Episode 1: Guardian – Chapter 13!!

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Chapter 13

Brayden relaxes as he now realizes his rivalry with Derrick is over. Instead of being satisfied, an uncomfortable regret comes over him as he stands near the collapsed building that now rests on top of Derrick. He wondered why it had to end this way. What happened that made Derrick change. They were friends once when their fathers worked together. What happened during the time they lost contact? The questions ran through his mind before, during and after the battle. Brayden stood quietly as the dark, gloomy sky became angry. He can’t help but feel sorry for Derrick. However, he feels even sorrier for what he had to do. He still thought of Derrick as his friend. “I’m sorry it had to end this way. Goodbye Derrick. Should you survive, I hope we can be friends again.” Brayden turns and walks away, sadden things couldn’t be resolved peacefully.

As he is walking away, he hears the sound of someone clapping. He stops and looks around to see who it is. “Amazing…simply amazing,” said a deep voice, “I never thought that you would be able to exert that much power.”

Brayden looks in the direction of the voice as sees a very tall, muscular man in a leather vest and blue jeans standing in the middle of the parking lot. “And you are?” Brayden asked, glaring at the man.

“My name is Akeem and I’ve been watching you for quite some time. You have an extraordinary power.” he says.

“Yeah and?” Brayden says.

“I would like to make you a proposition,” said Akeem.

Brayden regards the man with a light contemptuous stare. He has watched too many movies to not know exactly what happens next. “No deal,” he replies.

“Hmm, you refuse my offer without knowing what it is?” says Akeem.

“Look I know where this is going. You make some cockamamie offer about joining you and wanting to nurture my talent and blah, blah, blah.” Brayden pauses for a moment and sighs. He half expected something like this to happen when he discovered his power but hoped that it didn’t. “So rather than go through your spiel. It’d be better for both of us if I cut you off now. Sorry, but I’ve got better things to do.” Brayden said refusing Akeem’s offer. “Besides, I don’t join up with creeps who only think about money and power. So, take your offer somewhere else?”

“Pity…such a waste of extraordinary talent,” Akeem said.

In a flash, Akeem dashes toward Brayden and delivers a powerful punch to his face, sending him flying backwards. He immediately follows Brayden’s airborne body and kicks him in the air. Chasing after him again, Akeem somersault kicks Brayden back towards the ground. As he is falling, Brayden regains control of himself and back flips during his descent and lands safely, only to be instantly kick swept and roundhouse kicked by Akeem. Akeem sends Brayden soaring into an apartment building and crashing through the wall with tremendous force. A few moments pass when lightning began illuminating from under the rubble and Brayden bursts out shrouded in lightning.

“I was just about to say I hope that wasn’t all,” Akeem said.

“Nope, far from it,” Brayden said. Then he flashes a sly grin, “Now let’s have some fun.” He increases the intensity of the lightning around his body and disappears in a flash. Akeem is instantaneously hit by a strong roundhouse kick to the side of his head, knocking him to the ground. He quickly gets up and dashes toward Brayden with his elbow. Brayden blocks the attack and quickly counterattacks with a back-fist. Akeem defends and the two engage in a fury of punches, kicks, blocks and counterattacks. The two powerful fighters attack and block each other at an incredible rate of speed. Their hands and feet are merely a blur as they attack and defend ferociously. Then they lock their hands together in a test of strength. The two men struggle against each other as they matched up their powers to see who is truly stronger. Akeem begins to push Brayden back almost bringing him down on one knee. Brayden pushes back to keep Akeem from winning.

“I came here looking for an incredible power but instead I find a weakling.” Akeem said pushing down even harder, “I thought your power might have been something, but it turns out that it’s nothing. If this is all your power, then I’m not impressed. Just tell me one thing; where is your strength?” Akeem continues to push down intensively on Brayden, who is struggling to keep himself up. “You should have accepted my offer. It would have made things lot easier. This is your own fault for being belligerent.”

Brayden fights back with all his might. Each time he pushes back, he is pushed back harder. While he is locked in the struggle against Akeem, Brayden starts to think back to what his father thought him. He can hear his father’s voice in his mind coaching him on, telling him that he can overcome any obstacle; nothing is impossible as long as you don’t let it. That he can do it, and to never give up, for the only way to fail is to quit. Remember what I’ve taught you and use it always. Focusing his mind back to reality, Brayden gathers encouragement from his father’s words and begins to fight back. Akeem is surprised as Brayden begins pushing him back. He tries to hold Brayden down, but to no avail. Brayden’s power begins to rise as sheer willpower and determination flowed through him. His eyes begin to glow again as his power intensified.

“What the…! It can’t be?! How are you doing this?!” Akeem said surprised. Brayden continues to push Akeem back. This time he brings him down to one knee. Akeem tries desperately to push back but it’s no use. Brayden’s increased power proves too much for him. Desperate to defeat Brayden, Akeem quickly releases his hand and strikes him with a crushing uppercut, causing him to release his other hand. He quickly follows up with an even harder left hook, causing Brayden to stagger back a few steps. He pauses for a few moments, breathing heavy as he waited for some reaction from his opponent.

“Was that all?” Brayden said sternly. He slowly turns back around and looks sharply at Akeem with his intense glowing eyes.

“Impossible! I put everything I had into those punches. You should be on the ground out cold,” Akeem said with shock and disbelief in his voice.

“My turn,” Brayden said coldly. He flies at Akeem speedily and hits him with his shoulder, and then starts pummeling him in a barrage of lightning charged punches and kicks. He ends his onslaught with a flip kick, knocking Akeem high into the sky. Brayden teleports up to Akeem and delivers a haymaker punch that knocks him back down. Akeem slams into the ground hard, creating a crater in the concrete surface. Brayden reappears behind the sports car that he ruined earlier and tosses it in the air with ease. He flies up after it and grips the bumper. Akeem slowly opens his eyes just in time to see the car before it slams on top of him. Brayden jumps back and waits for Akeem. A couple minutes pass, the crushed car begins to move and rise. Anticipating an attack, Brayden raises his hands to his chest with them facing each other. He curls his fingers. Streams of electricity dance around his hands.

Akeem lifts the demolished car and tosses it to the side. He stands still for a moment, breathing heavily as his power diminishes rapidly. He then takes a couple steps forward as he started to become enraged. Akeem starts running towards Brayden. A sphere of lighting forms in Brayden’s hands as a deranged Akeem continued charging towards him in a mad craze. It grows in intensity as Brayden continued to draw power from the storm. “You wanted to know where my power was, Akeem. Well, here it is.” Brayden said. He then throws his arms behind him, fully extended. With one more surge, he is bathed in a coat of lightning. Akeem is blinded by his rage as he continued to charge Brayden like a mad bull, screaming like a man possessed. “Thunder Blast!” Brayden yelled as he thrusts his hands forward and unleashes the intense fury of a thunderstorm in the form of large column of lightning.

Akeem hollers out in pain as he is engulfed in a massive beam of electricity. A giant bolt of lightning descends from the sky, striking the man with all its fury. After Brayden’s attack ended, he is still standing with his arms extended in front of him as lightning continued to illuminate his fingers and then fading. He kept looking in front of him to see if there was any sign of Akeem.

Soon he began to hear slow, heavy footsteps coming towards him. The smoke that his Thunder Blast attack created started to dissipate as the rain and wind increased. Soon Brayden could see a large figure slow approaching him. Akeem is burned and bloody. He takes a couple more steps forward and stops, wheezing heavily. “Y…you…little…punk…uugh,” Akeem said he struggled speak and finally collapses. With the battle over, Brayden relaxes and stands to his full height. He looked at the burnt and bloodied Akeem. He wondered what Akeem wanted with him and how long he has been watching him. He then looks over at the building that collapsed on top of Derrick. His mind flickers back to when they were friends. He can’t help but wonder what changed him. Brayden hears police sirens approaching in the distance. He looks up at the sky and listens to the storm that seems to be calling for him. Realizing his new purpose in life and finally understanding what his powers were meant to be used for, Brayden flies high into the sky and enters the thunder clouds themselves. The inside of the clouds was radiating brightly as lightning fluctuated intensively. Brayden hovers for a while admiring the storm that gave him his power. Lightning bolts jump from cloud to cloud as he relished in its beauty. A lightning bolt strikes Brayden and courses through his body as he absorbed its energy. Unlike before, there was no pain, only a soothing calmness. Brayden flies off into the thunderclouds as the lighting danced around him.

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