Worse Than a Crime!! Gotham S2 Ep.11 Fall Finale Recap!!



Bruce Wayne has been taken prisoner by Theo Galavan who reveals himself to be of the Dumas family. Alfred is on the run from Tabitha in a landfill. He manages to lose her and her men. He escapes the yard and attempts to take a car back into Gotham when he is apprehended by the police. Nathaniel Barnes has put a warrant out for Jim Gordon’s arrest. He questions Leslie but she hasn’t heard from him. Eavesdropping, Edward Nygma tells Leslie where Gordon is. She heads to the apartment where she finds Penguin with armed men and Jim Gordon. Theo has his niece Silver attempt to seduce Bruce again but Bruce turns her down at first. After hearing his story about his parents, Silver helps Bruce escape. However, they are halted by Theo Galavan and thrown back in Bruce’s cell. Lucius Fox goes to the GCPD to file a missing person report on Alfred and Bruce. Alfred is already in a holding cell at the station. He tells Lucius and Bullock that Galavan has Bruce Wayne. Through Edward Nygma, they learn that Jim Gordon is at his place and go to him for his help in finding Bruce Wayne. At his mansion, Theo Galavan takes Bruce to a room where he will be executed. With help from Selina Kyle, Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock and Penguin’s men sneak into the mansion where they engage the members of the Secret Order of Saint Dumas, killing them all and rescuing Bruce. Theo, having retreated to his office during the skirmish, tries to escape with Tabitha while leaving Silver behind, disappointed that she saved Bruce’s life. Tabitha knocks her brother out and escapes with Silver, leaving him to the mercy of Jim and Penguin. Theo is taken to the shores outside of Gotham where he is beaten severely by Penguin before he is killed by Jim Gordon. Later, a chilling new villain arrives in the city.


Gotham never ceases to impress! Each episode is more exciting than the last! And what a fall finale! Jim Gordon becomes a hunted man when he attacks Theo Galavan after he was cleared of all charges against him. So he hooks up with Penguin, who saved him again, to take Galavan down. This was exactly what was needed to push Jim to go against his code of honor. He throws caution to the wind and goes after the newly elected mayor who wants nothing more than to rule Gotham and he has Bruce Wayne. Ben McKenzie continues to do an exceptional job portraying James Gordon and making us believe in a character who has a strong sense of justice and will go to lengths to defend the city he cares about, even if he has to go against his better judgement. Jim deep down didn’t want to work with Penguin to take on Theo Galavan but he knew that he’d be the only way to get to him and save Gotham from Galavan. He actions even put more of strain on his relationship with Leslie Thompkins who decides to have faith in him despite her apprehensions about the decisions he’s made. There is hope, however. After ending things with Galavan, Jim asks Leslie to marry him and Leslie reveals that she is pregnant. With this new dynamic, Jim Gordon’s life is about to get more complicated than it already is.


Theo Galavan has shown just how cruel he can be. He was an amazing, true villain, having no regards for anyone who stands in the way of his ambitions, even family. Silver St. Cloud was used by her uncle to seduce Bruce Wayne and have him profess his love in order for her to be accepted into the Dumas family fully. He is quick to drop her like a bad habit when she shows compassion and stops Father Creel from killing Bruce. When the Penguin’s men with Jim Gordon disrupt the ceremony, Theo doesn’t think twice about leaving his niece behind while he escapes. He had everything planned out except for the betrayal of his family. Tabitha clearly has had enough of her brother’s detached sympathy and she escapes with Silver, abandoning Theo. Well, Theo does get his in the end as he is killed jointly by Penguin and Jim Gordon. Galavan, or Dumas as we should call him, will be missed but a new, chilling threat is coming to Gotham. At the episode’s end, we get a glimpse at the cool customer ready to challenge Gordon and the GCPD! Yes, Victor Fries is coming to Gotham! He was hinted at in a promo two weeks ago and gets a reveal in this episode! Also, Theo Galavan’s body was taken to Indian Hill where someone says, “Doctor Strange is going to love this one.” Hugo Strange is also going to make an appearance soon! I absolutely cannot wait until Gotham returns in February! It’s just gonna keep getting better and better!

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