Worlds collide in upcoming Fate/Grand Order, Garden of Sinners crossover event!!

Fate/Grand Order crosses the Nasuverse with its “Garden of Sinners” event. The event was originally run in Japan in 2016 and is making its way to the west side. Two versions of Garden of Sinners heroine Ryougi Shiki will be brought into play. The game will feature special missions that will grant you use of her 4-star Assassin form. A 5-star Saber form will be available for a limited time during pickup summons. The official Fate/Grand Order Facebook page is running a promo for the title. If the post gets 15,000 likes or 4,000 shares, 3 Saint Quartz will be given away to those playing Fate/Grand Order.

Here’s the synopsis for Garden of Sinners X Fate/Grand Order:
A ripple has appeared on the island nation where Singularity F was observed.
It draws Servants in, inescapable, inexorable. At the end of Rayshift stands the girl with Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. But even with her help, uncovering the truth will not be easy…

The campaign will run February 8-22 on North American servers.

Garden of Sinners X Fate/Grand Order Official US Website