Will Meta Knight Appear in the New Super Smash? This Looks like a Hint!


This game image was taken by director Masahiro Sakurai during development and uploaded to The official Super Smash Bros Website today.

Now we know that we’ll be able to put cool outfits on our Mii fighters, (shown below)


but this is the first time they’ve shown us character themed costumes! I can’t wait to slap some Wii Fit spandex on my mii fighters!

But wait! That dude’s wearing a Meta Knight mask!


Oh Sakurai, you’ve practically given it away! Still, there are questions:

Will there be a Mii fighter outfit for every character in the game?

What about characters that aren’t in the game? Can I dress my Mii fighter as Waluigi?
If that’s the case, perhaps meta knight will only appear as a costume. I’m not particularly looking forward to having him in the roster this time, but I’m sure the developers would take him down a notch, and hopefully get rid of that annoying neutral B tornado move.


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