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If you are into all things geeky and haven’t heard of BlerDCon … you must be hiding under a rock! BlerDCon is a three-day convention, the only of its kind in the DC area, for people of all backgrounds, colors, sex, identities and associations. This is year one for this event, and is what most cons wish they could be: fun, nerdy, inexpensive but quite importantly – inclusive. The convention boasts of numerous guests, panels and events representing, promoting and supporting minorities in geek culture. Here’s more detail about the con, straight from their site:

“Fans of all backgrounds and cultures are embracing their inner nerd. This includes POC (Black, Asian, Latino, etc.), women, disabled, LGBTQ and many more types of nerds across the globe. This is where BlerDCon comes in.

For those who don’t know, “Blerd” is an acronym for Black nerd; this has become a phrase embraced by minority nerds of all backgrounds, no matter what their skin color. The word blerd has evolved to become a symbol of unity for all nerds; BlerDCon is a team of lifetime geeks that has rallied around this concept to create a con for all.”

The con will feature interactive art panels, gaming tournaments, special guests including animators, artists, podcasters, YouTube entertainers, filmmakers, stunt crews, cosplayers, writers and entertainers – all groups and individuals who directly represent or support the belief in inclusivity. So far there have been a TON of cosplay guests announced, including Maki Roll, Ashe Cosplay, Eric “The Smoke” Moran, Bellexi and many more. Just a few of the plethora of special guests including street dancer/tutter JayFunk, Bryan Tillman a master of man trades from creating layouts and illustrations for Marvel and DC Comics to toy sculpting, Bryan Newton, an animation designer who has directed for shows like “Rick and Morty!” and Teen Titans Go!”, Pretty Brown and Nerdy, a youtube crew of awesome anime women who discuss nerd culture, The Black Tribbles, who as many know are seasoned vets in the radio and podcast business…. along with numerous other guests, events and panels.

We are truly looking forward to this incredible experience and hope you now are too!

BlerdCon is happening June 30 – July 2, 2017. Check them out on Facebook and get your early bird tickets now!




AFROPUNK: http://www.afropunk.com/profiles/blogs/interview-the-founder-of-blerdcon-on-his-intersectional?xg_source=activity

BLACK NERD PROBLEMS: http://blacknerdproblems.com/blerdcon-insight-interview-with-creator-hilton-george/

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