WHOO-HOO!! More NES minis are on the way this June!!

Still haven’t gotten your hands on a NES Mini because supplies ran dry in 2016. Well, worry no more. Nintendo is rolling out more units of their classic console in June with an increased number available to ensure that fans of the old school game will get their own console. Nintendo had originally ceased production of the NES mini in April 2017 after supplies ran out even after more units were ordered. The company switched gears in September when they announced that the NES Mini will be making a comeback with increased numbers. The NES Mini launched November 2016. The returning console will retain its $60 price tag along with the classic game that come with it, including Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and, of course, Super Mario Bros. Meanwhile, the SNES Classic Edition remains readily available since its launch date in September 2017. Both systems will be available to the end of the year. NES Classic Edition returns to store shelves June 29.