Who is on the tombstone?! Find out!! Arrow S4 Ep.9 Winter Finale Recap!!



A drone chopper attacks Oliver and a group of children who were cleaning up Star City Bay. Diggle questions his brother Andrew about Damien Darhk’s plan for the bay. Oliver gives a press conference on the attack and calls out Damien Darhk. Oliver holds a Holiday Party despite his apprehensions about a retaliation from Darhk. While there, Felicity discovers that her mother is dating Quentin Lance. She then questions Oliver about his proposing to her after she and her mom found the ring in their home earlier. Just then, Damien Darhk flanked by Ghost soldiers storm the party. He attacks Oliver and takes Diggle, Felicity and Thea. Oliver begins hunting Ghost soldiers for information about the whereabouts of the people he cares about. At the police station, Laurel receives a message about her father working for Darhk and she confronts him. Lance tells her the truth. They are called by Oliver and meets him at his lair. Malcolm Merlyn enters soon afterward and hands Oliver a security phone which he uses to call Darhk. Oliver turns himself in in exchange for the release of his friends. However, Darhk betrays him and lock Diggle, Thea and Felicity in a gas chamber. Laurel and Malcolm, dressed as Green Arrow, manage to break the gas chamber and free everyone. They fight their way through Damien Darhk’s forces as they make their escape. Afterward, Oliver holds a press conference where he proposes to Felicity. They then drive off in a limo when it is attacked by Ghost soldiers. Oliver climbs to the driver seat and speeds away. Once safe, he opens the door to find Felicity had been shot.


Oliver opens up a huge can of worms by calling out Damien Darhk after the HIVE leader attacked a group of children. Out of retaliation for Oliver refusing to cooperate, Darhk captures Diggle, Thea and Felicity. Then it becomes a Russian Roulette of who is going to die. In the fourth season premiere, we saw Oliver and Barry standing over a fresh grave, leaving us wondering whose name was written upon it. Sadly, it is someone whom we didn’t want. Just after proposing to her, Oliver and Felicity are attacked by Ghosts and Felicity is critically injured. This is sad for Oliver. Felicity was the light he needed to chase away the darkness surrounding him. For the first time in a long while, he was happy. Oliver was able to enjoy himself, enjoy Felicity. And then Damien Darhk snatched her away. No doubt this will weigh heavily on Oliver’s shoulders as he will take on the responsibility for Felicity’s death. But he will also take on the responsibility for Felicity’s vengeance. Oliver will likely enter the darkness again if he wishes to finally defeat Damien Darhk. Felicity’s death will likely resonate greatly with fans who will be upset along with Oliver. But her death was hinted at in the season premiere. Yes, it could’ve been anybody but the fact that Barry was with Oliver was a dead giveaway. And let’s not forget that Barry did have a fling with Felicity and is close friends with her. So there you go. No sense crying about it now. Felicity was knocked off eight episodes ago. But we all know, given the running gag so far, that someone is going to suggest the Lazarus Pit. Question is what will Oliver do.

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