What’s new for Overwatch’s Retribution event!! Oh me, Oh my!

So, what’s in Overwatch’s loot box this time? Why, new Legendary Skins for your favorite heroes! Blizzard Entertainment’s latest update give new looks for eight characters: Moira, Lucio, Mei, Winston, Reaper, Hanzo, Doomfist and Sombra. Along with the new duds, players will also get 60 new items. More than 100 cosmetics from last year’s Uprising event are available once again which includes highlight intros and more. Another great addition is the Retribution Brawl, a time-limited PvE event set eight years before the events of Overwatch. It focuses on a mission involving Genji, McCree, Moira and Reyes (who eventually becomes Reaper, hence his new outfit).

But, if for some reason, you grow tired of Retribution Brawl, then hop back in last year’s Uprising co-op brawl which will also be available again. This event focuses on Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt and Mercy as they attempt to liberate King’s Row. They all return with the new skins they received last year as part of the new patch. The Archives Update is available now and runs until April 30.