What went on at J1-CON 2…

“Was a nice local con, grabbed some good gear”

“That was a whole lot of fun! Totally looking forward to the next one, especially since it was so close!!”

“It was fun seeing everyone again. Awesome event! Loved the cosplays btw! My favs were that poison, rouge and she hulk! ”

“Had a boss time! So glad I went! Thanks!!”

“You guys did a really good job this year. Im glad I got to come, had a blast, looking forward to the next one.”

“Congratulations to Jason Richardson and the entire J1 STUDIOS crew for putting on really fun and PACKED house at J1-CON 2. ”

“oh man, i love coming to J1 Studios events, they always draw out the nicest people!! can’t wait to see everyone again next time =^.^=”


“I had a great time meeting up with old friends and new friends at the event. Thanks! It was worth the trip.”

“this was a great time for me and I loved it I knew I would and it bought back some old friends I haven’t seen in years and met some cool ass new people thank you Jason and J1 studios for a hell of a job”

“Had an amazing time! Can’t wait for the next 1!”


“J1-Con 2 (J1 Studios Mini Convention) is in the TOP 10 events in Philadelphia today!!! – HUGECITY


Despite a downpour of rain on sunday that cut our attendees nearly in half, the J1-CON 2 event was still a great success and a huge hit for those who showed up!

At 2:00pm the doors opened and the long line outside of the Blockley finally began to dissolve into the building. Our artists and vendors were at the ready with everything from paintings, DVD’s, plushies, stickers, pins, bottle openers, candy, T-shirts and more.

At 3:00 the first of four Game Tournaments began and we had no idea just how big and how hype our gamer crowd would turn out to be! With tons of players participating and loads friends there to support, “OOooh!”s and “Woowwww!”s we’re everywhere. We had Smash Bros Brawl, Injustice, Super Street Fighter 4, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

During this time, one of our special guests, comedian Uncle Yo was busy on the stage unleashing a comic routine that had people all the way over in the smash tournament area cracking up. Thanks Uncle Yo! Now I know what to do when a Giant Mech attacks our city.

The Black Tribbles were hilarious! They did a live radio show on stage where fans of the geek radio series gathered to answer the question of who is the baddest animated villian, live through the microphone, and have the Tribbles respond to their answer. They also recruited a slew of new tribbles live for all to witness!

The movie showings brought quite a crowd!! Fans gathered around the big screen for the PREMIER SHOWING of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, and later on for Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: Road to Ninja!

Jason Kanter, the sound engineer behind Bioshock & Michael Worth, the chief operating officer at Play Eternal, did an awesome panel about sound and music in video games, going in depth to how YOU can do this stuff at home on your Mac or PC!

Sam Altersitz gave us insight on how to make your home podcast sound professional with a limited budget on his live Uncle Thursday Game Review “Audio and Video Podcasting on a Budget”.

One of our fans who went by the title of “Hitman”  was lucky enough to win the much desired Wii U that we had up for raffle. On top of that it, was presented to him by the two beautiful women who came in cosplay as our very own comic characters Babylon and C4 from series Angel Savior and Super Bounty J1. We tried to get his name but he was too excited and ran off into the night.

Last but not least, the Cosplay Contest brought people from far and wide all dressed as their favorite anime, video game, and comic characters. It was a lovely bunch of people to say the least, and the winners received certificates, DVDs, and posters.


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Jason Kanter: http://jasonkanter.wordpress.com/

Michael Worth: http://www.playeternal.com

Uncle Yo: http://www.uncleyo.com/

Sam Altersitz: http://www.youtube.com/user/unclethursday

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