Ward’s Innocence?! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep.21 Recap!!


What's scarier than Deathlok? Melinda May smiling.

What’s scarier than Deathlok? Melinda May smiling.

Years ago, Grant Ward meets Garret in juvenile detention where Garret offers him a spot in H.Y.D.R.A. Coulson links Cybertek to everything from the creation of Deathlok to Garret being the Clairvoyant. Trip returns with vintage spy gadgets as they set out to infiltrate one of Cybertek’s offices. Coulson and May portray scientists with Fitz and Simmons feeding them lines. Outside, Skye discovers a room with extra security. Coulson and May make their way to secure floor taking out a couple Cybertek guards out along the way. They discover that Garret was the first Deathlok. The team returns to the hotel and search the folders. Skye figures out that Garret needs the drug in order to heal himself. On the Bus, Raina learns about Skye’s past which she divulges to Ward. The team arrives in Santa Maria where Coulson finds the H.Y.D.R.A. barber shop and Fitz and Simmons find the Bus. Garret and his men are preparing to leave. Simmons suggests using a spybot to enter the Bus so they can track it. However, they are found by Ward who takes them to Garret. Fitz sets off an EMP which disables Garret’s cybernetics. While Ward rushes to save Garret, Fitz and Simmons manage to escape and lock themselves in an escape pod. Ward finds them after he is ordered by Garret to kill them.

Can Ward be saved or has time run out?

Can Ward be saved or has time run out?

So much was revealed in this episode—Garret’s true intensions, Quinn’s ambitions and Ward’s past. Let’s start with John Garret. Before Mike Peterson, Garret was the first Deathlok. The left side of his body was ruined by IED. He contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. for medical evac but was left to fend for himself. H.Y.D.R.A. found him and “Million Dollar Man”-ed him back together again. However, it was a temporary fix as his remaining organs are beginning to fail him. That is why Garret needs the drug that returned Coulson to the living world—to save his own life. Garret may be full of piss and vinegar but even he is afraid to die. Raina manages to create a synthetic version of the medicine and give it to Garret. The medicine may be a bandage but it does the trick and Garret lives. Ward tries not to show it but he is relieved to see Garret will be getting better. After, Garret made Ward into the man he is today. More than a decade ago, Garret took young Ward out of juvenile detention after Ward accepts Garret’s offer. Ward is dumped in the middle of nowhere (literally) and left to fend for himself. John does this to toughen Ward up, to have him cast aside any weaknesses, to be his apprentice. Yes, that is what he wants in Ward—someone who can be as cold and ruthless as he is and harbor the same detached feelings as he does. Ward’s first test is to kill the dog Garret left with him. Ward is hesitant since he formed a bond with the animal. Both unfortunate and fortunate, Ward could not be exorcised of all his innocence. Instead of killing the dog, he fires the gun in the air, allowing the dog to escape. The same scenario plays out aboard the Bus. Fitz and Simmons are locked in an escape pod with Ward outside under orders to kill them. Fitz pleads with Ward to reconsider his actions, much like the dog looked at him with sad eyes. Now Ward knows every inch of the Bus and how everything operates. He could’ve found a way to disable that lock to the pod but instead he jettisons the thing into the ocean. He let the dog(s) live because he formed a bond with them. Perhaps Fitz is right, may be Grant Ward isn’t as bad as he has been made out to be [by John Garret].

The team has pretty much written Ward off except for Fitz who refuses to believe that Ward betrayed them. There is always that glimmer of hope whenever the darkest hour arrives. But Fitz may have something valid. Ward couldn’t kill them directly even though he may’ve though of a thousand ways of Sunday to do so. Instead he drops them in the middle of the ocean in an air sealed room where they have a high probability of being rescued. Or did Ward just sentence them to a slow death when the air in that escape pod runs out? While all of this is going on, Quinn strikes a deal with a couple US generals who seem interested in the Centipede Project.

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