Ward’s Back!! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2 Ep.14 Recap!!



Coulson is advised by Andrew to remove Skye from SHIELD duty which he disagrees with. Grant Ward and Agent 33 kidnap a man from a diner and have him fix Agent 33’s mask. Lance Hunter is taken by Mack to a SHIELD facility where he meets the founders. They want to remove Coulson as Director. Hunter defends Coulson and makes a statement about Bobbi not joining up with them. His statement is crushed when Bobbi enter the room. Coulson takes Skye to a disclosed location while Agent 33 repays Ward for his help in her own special way. Ward, however, refuses her since she made herself look like Skye. But he helps 33 by getting her close to Bakshi. Disguised as General Talbot’s wife Carla, 33 enters the military base and begins searching for Bakshi. Talbot receives a call from his wife Carla who has yet to arrive at the base. He immediately begins his search for the imposter. Coulson takes Skye to a secret cabin used by Nick Fury for her to be able to find a way to control her powers. Talbot searches his staff for the mole. Elsewhere in the base, Ward and 33 find Bakshi and leave with him after 33 knocks him out. Talbot reports the situation to Coulson. Hunter tries to convince Bobbi to leave the other SHIELD but she denies him. Hunter attempts to escape, taking out agents in the process, only to discover that he is on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean. Bobbi and a group of soldiers search for Hunter. She discovers that he has escaped in a submersible pod. Elsewhere, Agent 33 and Ward begin their torturing of Bakshi.


Good news: Bobbi Morse and Mack are not Hydra. Bad news: They are still spies. They work for an agency called “the real SHIELD.” This other SHIELD claims to be the original that started it all. And they have little love for Coulson and even less for Nick Fury, both men whom they believe show be removed. But since they didn’t get the memo that Fury is alive, they focus on Coulson and removing him from duty. Interestingly, Hunter defends Coulson even though the “real SHIELD” made some good points, having grown to respect him. But Hunter is more hurt at the fact that he was lied to by Bobbi and Mack, two people whom he trusted. He is especially hurt that Bobbi basically used him, pretending to care for him when she was really working under cover. Yeah, they had a thing a while back but who’s to say that she still feels for him the way Lance feels for her. Well, Hunter does manage to escape and head for the main land likely to warn Coulson about the “real SHIELD.” Not like Phil doesn’t have enough on his plate already. He is advised by Andrew and May to remove Skye from active duty even though he really doesn’t want to. He takes her to a cabin in an unknown location where Skye/Daisy Johnson can get a handle on her abilities. Cool part: she gets an update version of the gauntlets Quake is familiar with wearing to keep her powers under wraps. Hopefully, Skye will utilize her time to pick up a cup without shaking to pieces.

Is anyone else surprised at Jemma and how prejudice she is being toward Fitz and especially Skye. For lack of a better term, she is treating her friends like crap. She sees them as not normal. Jemma used to be so sweet and kind to those she cares about but now she is just become a sort of “frienemy.” She left Fitz when he needed her most and she is doing the same to Skye. Simmons wants to ‘fix’ Skye, as she put it; like she’s a dog getting spayed. I hope the nice Simmons comes back and actually helps Skye.

Grant Ward hasn’t been heard from since Agent 33 rescued him in Episode 10. He’s back and up to working for Hydra, apparently with Agent 33 now devoted to him. While his intentions are not totally clear, Ward and Agent 33 infiltrate General Glenn Talbot’s base and take Bakshi from custody for unknown reasons. Whatever they going to do with Whitehall’s former right hand man, it will not be good…for anyone.

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