Walk of Shame goes on for Miles!! Revolution S1 Ep14 Recap!!


Monroe learns that Neville and his wife have fled and that Tom lied about Jason being dead. His trust in the major is destroyed. He then questions the captain who served under Neville about his loyalty. The captain swears he is loyal to him but Monroe doesn’t believe him and shoots him in the head. Miles rides with an injured man who has a note regarding the nuke that Monroe has sent to Georgia. He takes Nora and Charlie along to disarm it. Rachel and Aaron search for the Tower while Miles, Nora and Charlie crossover into the Georgia Federation. Nora asks how they plan to get into Georgia. Miles has an idea to take the uniforms on Georgia’s soldier. Unfortunately, someone else had the same idea. Picking up a knife known to him, Miles immediately knows the responsible party—a man named Alec. On their way to meet Jean, Rachel and Aaron are attacked by two men. Unfortunately for the men, their goose is cooked—literally—as something makes them spontaneously combust. Saved, Rachel and Aaron get a view of their savior—Jane. Jean asks Rachel what she is doing near her home. Then, she invites them inside. Miles, Nora and Charlie enter Atlanta and begin their search for the nuke. Using flashlights, Miles finds it first along with Alec. The former friends fight each other and Alec gains the upper hand until Charlie intervenes. Cutting his loses, Alec runs with the nuke. Charlie and Miles give chase. Miles catches up with Alec who grabs and holds a soldier hostage. Alec kicks his captive at Miles, shoots him in the back, and escapes. Other soldiers find Miles with the body and place him under arrest. Outside the courthouse, Charlie and Nora discuss a plan to rescue Miles.

At Jane’s home, Rachel tells Jane that she is heading to the Tower. However, Jane is against the idea as the same nanites that Rachel intends to destroy are keeping her lover alive. She tells Rachel to abandon her endeavor. In the Georgia Federation, Miles meets with the president Foster where he offers to help her find Alec. Apparently, they have a history together which isn’t pretty. Reluctantly, she agrees. Miles meets up with Charlie and Nora afterward and resume their search for Alec. At the same time, Rachel makes one more plea to Jane to help her turn the power back on. Jane refuses until her lover makes a plea of her own. Jane reluctantly agrees. In Georgia, Miles finds Alec with the nuke. He begs his former subordinate to not detonate the bomb but Alec still has deep hatred for Miles for sending him to Texas as punishment for a failed mission a year ago.

Monroe contacts Alec in order for him to set off the bomb but he is preoccupied with Miles as he struggles with him to follow that order. Miles soon kills Alec, saving Georgia as a result. Later, Charlie confronts Miles about her mother. Miles tells her that he hurts all those who rely on him. Georgia Federation President Foster calls Miles into her office, asking him where to radioactive parts are. With no solid answer from Miles, she offers him a position as General of her army as she declares war on the Monroe Republic.

How much more of Miles’ past can catch up with him? A lot apparently as he’s got to deal with not one but two blasts from his past life when he served in the Monroe militia. His subordinate Alec resurfaces after a year absence, but unlike Miles, he returned to the Monroe militia and blames Miles for betraying him. One year before the start of the series, Alec failed an assignment given to him. Miles, without so much as batting an eye, condemned him to a camp in Texas as punishment. Needless to say that Alec is a bit sore at his former commanding officer for that. Before he sets up the nuke, Alec has a run-in with Charlie where he tells her about an incident that happened between her mother and her uncle thus adding to more to Miles’ laundry list of shame. When Miles is captured, he is faced with another friend for the “good ol’ days.” The history between Georgia Federation President Foster has yet to be revealed but from what was shown, it ain’t pretty. I like the series is beginning to peel back the layers of Miles Matheson and expose more of the man within. Clearly, there is a lot that went on during his time with the Monroe Republic (seriously, the guy’s got more BS in his life than Congress). And there is no doubt that all that eventually led to his departure from the militia, leaving the military life behind. But even that past comes back to Miles as he looks over the army President Foster has amassed to combat Monroe’s militia. He considers whether this is the best option for completing a task he has failed to do before—kill his best friend Sebastian Monroe.

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