Pepsi’s New Vending Machine

The way you purchase an overpriced bottle of sugar water is about to be completely revolutionized! In todays world of touch screen phones, touch screen gaming, and touch screen music, it makes sense that other industries wish to follow suit. What doesn’t make much sense, however, is the idea of a touch screen vending machine. For Pepsi.

Planned to hit gas stations across the globe in 2013, The Pepsi Interactive Vending Machine will still sell you a pepsi, but also offer you an online social experience before you buy your drink. The machine’s most interesting feature allows you the ability to “gift” a soda to a friend. You pay for it, the machine sends an email or text message to your friend with a unique code, and then that friend can enter the code on any other Pepsi Interactive machine to redeem your generous gift. There is also an option to watch featured Pepsi-related YouTube videos on the large display, fully angering the people standing behind you who want to get their soda.

Pepsi first introduced this machine last year, but the company has been hard at work trying to figure out how to optimize the experience since then. The machines now have a new interface, and the integration with YouTube is also deeper than it was last year, offering newer and a wider selection of videos. In addition, the machines now also include a mini-game that players can try out in order to win a free soda.

Oh boy… with a massice touch screen and access to youtube and the internet, it’s only a matter of time until somebody hacks the machine to run Hentai outside the corner of the local quick-e-mart.

For now, the machines are only available at malls in Oregon, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, but PepsiCo will be launching more of them next year.

Check out the video: 

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