Tutorial Video Motherload: AskVideo.com

It doesn’t matter what you do on your laptop. If you use any type of softwear to do it, AskVideo has a tutorial library to cover it. From Audio Editing and Music Production, to Photo editing and Graphic Design. They even have courses to  better your skills in microsoft and adobe products.

AskVideo.com is an online education community for both Windows and Mac users, training on the world’s leading creative software and applications. The course library includes videos on Adobe CS, Logic Pro, Final Cut Studio, InDesign and more.

They to add more content two to three times a week.

And if you’re a music producer, they’ve certainly got you covered.

As a newly subscribed user, I must say I am very much enjoying the interface and the easy to navigate through video library. Once you select a course to begin, you’re presented with the first video in the series, whether its an overview of the program, or advanced look into a certain feature. The course outline tab is always on the left hand side of your video player, so if you already know the fundamentals of the current chapter, you can skip ahead to a further video, or chapter,  in the course.

I’m also enjoying the professionalism behind each video they’ve made. The audio is crisp. The learning curve is brilliant. And they teach you not only the controls or “science” behind the program, but the theory, or application behind it as well. Basically, how to use a program, and where and why those techniques would be most helpful.

Depending on how seriously you feel like taking these courses, you could spend a few months on this site taking notes and making index cards.. and come out of that time with the knowledge of a college student of two or so years. Skip the “Art history” class, and get right to the Animation major.  Of course, this website does not come with a degree.

25 per month. 199 for a year.

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