Time to play like it’s 1999!!

That’s right! Get ready to kick it old school! Capcom is re-releasing (most likely to save face) two brawlers that had a hand in the start of the crossover series. Marvel vs Capcom Origins will feature two games, Marvel Super Heroes and the first game in the series Marvel vs Capcom. Both game will be in HD and, of course, feature Trophies/Achievements. Like MvC2, MvC Origins will host multiplayer online battles. What could this mean for Capcom? Maybe this is an attempt to redeem themselves by reissuing classic fighters. Or an attempt to hold on to the slowly dwindling fan base. Whatever the reason, this may prove to be a smart move on their part. Like I said before, it’s time for them to start reviving some these franchises. However, this is a start. Marvel vs. Capcom Origins comes to Playstation Network and Xbox Live in September.

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