Theme songs revealed for upcoming Schoolgirl Strikers Anime!!


Warner Bros Japan has just released the opening and ending themes to the upcoming anime Schoolgirl Strikers, which is based on Square Enix’s action RPG for Android and iOS. Hiroshi Nishikiori, who directed “A Certain Magical Index” and “Trinity Seven”, is at the helm for the magical girl anime. The OP song “Miraikei Strikers” is sung by Altair Torte, a five-member voice actress unit formed by Rina Hidaka (Satoka Sumihara), Kaori Ishihara (Tsubame Miyama), Yui Ogura (Mana Namori), Kana Hanazawa (Yumi Sajima), and Miyuki Sawashiro (Io Yaginuma). In addition to the five-character version, each actress performs her own version of the song. The CD will release in the five editions on January 25. The ending theme “Kitty Wonderful” is performed by Rina Hidaka and Yui Ogura, who play Satoka Sumihara and Mana Namori respectively.

Schoolgirl Strikers, produced by J.C. Staff, is set to premiere January 7, 2017.

Opening theme featuring all five actresses!

CM version

“Kitty Wonderful”