The positive sides of Disney buying Lucasfilm. DISCUSS!!

While fanboys rant and rave, think about this:

– Look at what they are doing for Marvel financially (Hi Avengers)

– They want to expand Disney World with Star Wars theme areas

– Star Wars VII VIII and IX will now be in the works FINALLY

– More financial backing to the Star Wars universe

– We won’t have to worry about the thousands of Star Wars remakes

– A properly written and funded Indiana Jones

– Kingdom Hearts with Star Wars characters

– KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!!!!!!!!

– Possible Old Republic movies (based on the games)

– Increased quality of games since two top dogs have a shared interest
As much as we may like the Clone Wars cartoon series it will have to come to an end at some point. As a Star Wars fan I would like to see these next movies play out. Disney CEO Bob Iger said Lucasfilm had already developed an extensive story line on the next trilogy, and Episode 7 was now in early-stage development and is set for 2015. Episodes 8 and 9 won’t be too far off that 2015 release.
So $4.05 billion dollars was the price paid for Disney to own Lucasfilm. Half of the 4.05 billion will be in cash, while the other half will be in newly issued stock. Invest!!!

George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy discuss the future of Star Wars movies.

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