The positive sides of Disney buying Lucasfilm. DISCUSS!!

While fanboys rant and rave, think about this:

– Look at what they are doing for Marvel financially (Hi Avengers)

– They want to expand Disney World with Star Wars theme areas

– Star Wars VII VIII and IX will now be in the works FINALLY

– More financial backing to the Star Wars universe

– We won’t have to worry about the thousands of Star Wars remakes

– A properly written and funded Indiana Jones

– Kingdom Hearts with Star Wars characters

– KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!!!!!!!!

– Possible Old Republic movies (based on the games)

– Increased quality of games since two top dogs have a shared interest
As much as we may like the Clone Wars cartoon series it will have to come to an end at some point. As a Star Wars fan I would like to see these next movies play out. Disney CEO Bob Iger said Lucasfilm had already developed an extensive story line on the next trilogy, and Episode 7 was now in early-stage development and is set for 2015. Episodes 8 and 9 won’t be too far off that 2015 release.
So $4.05 billion dollars was the price paid for Disney to own Lucasfilm. Half of the 4.05 billion will be in cash, while the other half will be in newly issued stock. Invest!!!

George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy discuss the future of Star Wars movies.

13 thoughts on “The positive sides of Disney buying Lucasfilm. DISCUSS!!

  1. I want them to use muppets and model spaceships instead of CGI…then I will consider this a success. Screw CGI.

    Ultimately, I agree with what Marc Carter said, and I don’t really see the Star Wars story line having anywhere as great to go without getting silly. Episodes 1 thru 3 were all eye-candy and had the worst scripts ever. Even Obi Wan made me want to throw up with his crappy one-liners he delivered mega awkward to a CGI Yoda (and I LOVE Obi Wan.) Hollywood should come with up new stories, characters & franchises instead of sucking every drop of creative blood from movies that were great 40 years ago. These judgements have nothing to do with Disney for the record. I want to see something new that isn’t attached to something we all have significant nostalgia for.

    1. We’re moving forward not backward. CGI Yoda was awesome! You can’t do his fight scenes with a muppet. So I disagree with you on that. Yes, something fresh needs to be done to put the franchise back on top. There’s plenty of material found in the books. I don’t know if you or Marc Carter have read the books but they do go beyond epiode 6 and delve deeper into the story of Luke Skywalker. You also got the Old Republic–source material there as well. My only thing is I want to see Star Wars move forward. No reboots. Use the aforementioned books, base something off of those.

      Oh and don’t go waving your finger at all of Hollywood. 🙂 Hollywood has far less control over movies than they did years ago. All movies start with the producers and who they hire to write the scripts.

  2. I love Star Wars! After seeing what Disney has done with the recent Marvel movies (except for the second Ghost Rider) it is a safe bet that this will further Lucas Arts and the Star Wars franchise. Also Disney picks up a fan base second largest behind Star Trek. In fact, now that Lucas has paired with Disney, Trekkies will be given a run for their money. Disney is truly showing growth as a company especially considering its audience is getting older. I can only hope that this merger benifits both companies very well including Marvel (who still laughing all the way to the bank after Avengers’ success both in theatre and home release).

  3. I am typing subject to correction, but I believed the Avengers movie was in the pipeline before the Disney take over. The clone war story had to end at some point I just hope they tell us what happened to Asoka before it’s cancelled. My only concern is the Star Wars comics, I need to see Vader and Jenir’s confrontation -_-

  4. Haha! I may make fun of Disney, but I still go to the theme park every Xmas, I still watch the older Disney cartoons such as Darkwing Duck, I still watch the original Disney movies. I really don’t care that they buy Star Wars. I still read the books and watch the original Trilogy.

    Don’t tell me that they’re going to “ruin” Star Wars until they put out at least 2 movies and show me reviews saying that it sucks.

  5. Man, I’m psyched. The graphics and visuals in the last 3 movies (and even the first 3) were phenominal for their time. I’m not a starwars fanboy, but with the digital technology of today, I’m sure eps 7 through 9 will be mindblowing, especially backed by disney.

  6. The buyout is a great move…and since the Creator himself said it was the best move possible…I totally agree. Disney will do a great job of expanding the franchise with it’s many resources. It’s the perfect marriage! However, Disney has been known to dilute many of it’s own franchises such as, Aladdin and the Lion King sequels. They were just horrible. That can be blamed on the business MBA department. They always wanted to milk the mess out of every thing. On the flipside of the coin, look at what they did with the Marvel Universe…The Avengers is a Multi Billion entity…and it is growing strong. So I guess what I am saying, Disney is a huge universe…and Star Wars can be mega successful with the right hands within the Disney scope.

  7. It depends how they approach it. If and only IF they allow George Lucas to be the front-runner in creating episodes 7-9 then it’s a win situation for Disney. The other question is, what would the storyline be? Will there be a new empire or what? I’m kinda on the “ugg” side to this. I think Star Wars ended on a good note and should stay that way. I mean come on, they start off on a good note with episode 1 introducing the key character in Anakin and we can’t forget Darth Maul, to ending it on a awesome note with Vader and Palpatine down. The empire is gone. NOW WHAT!?! Wookie rebellion? I can’t see this project coming out right unless Lucas continues to be the front runner of the project.
    On the other hand, I would love to see Star Wars themed attractions at Disney World most definitely. And of course the prolonged Kingdom Hearts 3…. Well I doubt it will come out even with this move… Maybe a bunch of side stories but not an official KH3… But at least with another KH side story there will probably be Star Wars characters most definitely so I can’t wait for that.
    Also, talking about Indiana Jones… After the recent one that came out a while ago, what was it “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”? That movie sucked so that franchise is over. Disney couldn’t revive it if they wanted to. Harrison Ford even said he was done with that series after that happened lol.
    Again I’m all happy that George Lucas did his thing but I’m a little concerned about the turn out… We will just wait and see!

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