The new Traktor Kontrol S4 and S2

Its only been about 3 years since we saw the release of the first generation of Traktor Controllers S4 and S2. But unlike gaming consoles, the music software industry doesn’t wait to follow up on the last system. 

Both new mixing decks will have RGB backlit buttons, because how are you supposed to press a button if its not the color of your choice?

And where the FX buttons were once bright orange, they are now blood red in hue. It’s such a dubstep world.
The jog wheels will also be aluminum plated now.

In the below video, Mad Zach performs in a mind-blowing routine using the upcoming Native Instruments controllers S4 and S2 on laptop, iPad, and iPhone.


From the NI website:

“The redesigned TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 and S2 are now plug-and-play with TRAKTOR DJ for iPad and iPhone. New aluminum-plated jog wheels, RGB buttons, and more let you ignite the dancefloor like never before, on your laptop or iOS device. Available worldwide from October 1.”

You can pre-order the S4 for $799 and the S2 for $499.
More about the new S4 HERE

More about the new S2 HERE 

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