The Mourning After! Revolution Ep 12 Recap!!


Following Danny’s death, Miles realizes he can’t allow Monroe to continue to live. He talks about how to take down Monroe by wanting to organize the generals who helped him when he attempted to assassinate him before. There are objections but they know full well that Miles is right. Nora asks. Miles suggests a man named Jim Hudson. The next day, Miles leaves in search of him. That night, Charlie decides to join a raid on nearby militia soldiers despite her mother’s objections. In Philadelphia, Flynn tells Monroe that he is able to turn the pendants on as a way to keep track of them. He goes on to say that he can gather more pendants and scientists to build amplifiers for them. Somehow, I believe he is using Monroe for his own ulterior motives. Miles learns that Jim Hudson is in Culpepper, Virginia and heads there with Nora. Unknown to them, there is a spy in their midst. Nora and Miles arrive in Virginia where they find Hudson, who goes by the name Henry, and ask him for his help. However, Hudson is not happy to see Miles who left him and the other men holding the check. Miles tries to convince Hudson to join him but he refuses.

Meanwhile at the rebel base, the Monroe Militia has power again as they drive to the base in hummers. The rebels and refugees flee the base. Charlie, Aaron and Rachel are left behind and Rachel destroys the pendants to keep them out of Flynn’s hands. The militia storms the building in search of her. While hiding, Rachel tells her daughter and Aaron about Flynn being her boss. Flynn’s true motive isn’t the pendants but Rachel. Miles returns to the library to inform Hudson about the militia kill squad. Jim’s cover is blown. Rachel, Aaron and Charlie remain hidden from the militia and Flynn. When their location is discovered, Charlie takes out both soldiers allowing her mother and Aaron to escape. Miles, Hudson and Nora are dealing with their own militia problem in Culpepper. While they fight off the soldiers, the captain breaks into the library where he attempts to kill Hudson’s wife until Jim arrives to take him instead.

After the bodies of the soldiers are carted away, Hudson tries to console Sophie who has learned about his past and witnessed his actions today. Sophie walks away in disgust. Miles, Nora and Hudson, who has agreed to help Miles, meet up with the rest of the rebels at the rendezvous spot. Rachel and Charlie make amends for their earlier argument. Later, Aaron asks Rachel about her past. Rachel starts by telling him about “The Tower”.

In a flashback, Randall Flynn’s son is killed in action in Afghanistan. Out of grief, he utilizes his company with help from Rachel, who was his then employee, to build a weapon that will end the fighting in other countries and save the lives of American soldiers like his son. With the weapon complete, Flynn orders it to be launched. What was the project and did it have something to do with the blackout?

As expected, Danny’s heroic death last episode has had an effect on everyone in different ways. To the rebels, he is a martyr for saving their lives. To his family, he is a son, a brother and a nephew who is loved and will be missed. Charlie’s copes with her brother’s death by involving herself in various raids with the Rebels on militia outposts, feeling the need to constantly fight and finish what he started. This leads to her falling out with Rachel who wants nothing more than to keep her children safe as any mother would. Unfortunately, her absence during the first half of the season does nothing to help reinforce her newly found “motherly instincts” as Charlie demonstrates by throwing her mother’s lack of presence back in her face. Rachael can’t help but feel responsible for her son’s death in two ways. It was the amplifier she built that gave power to the helicopters that took her son. But moreover, she regrets not doing more to save Danny when he was captured and brought to Philadelphia. Above that is the fact that she wasn’t with her children before the militia of the Monroe Republic can to the small town and killed Ben Matheson in the series pilot. All that regret, all that remorse Rachael kept bottled up comes out later in the episode where she breaks down and apologizes to Charlie for her failures as a mother. When as is said and done, Charlie realizes that she can’t lose the only other person she cares about most in the world and makes amends with her mother. She also realizes that she shares her mother’s sentiment. Her only goal was to get Danny back and she, too, feels like she failed him for not being able to protect him.

Miles grieves his nephew’s death in his own way. Though he hasn’t seen him since he was a kid, he also feels responsible for not keeping Danny safe. He knows Monroe and the Republic and how they both operate. Something should’ve, if not than could’ve, been done sooner to save Danny. Miles knows this. More so, he wishes he had gone through with assassinating Monroe when he had the chance. He is reminded of this by Jim Hudson who served under Miles when he was a general in the Monroe Republic. Hudson got Miles into Monroe’s bedroom. “All you had to do was pull the trigger” is what Hudson tells Miles on his visit to Culpepper, Virginia to recruit Jim for another attempt at killing Monroe. Miles couldn’t kill him before because of their history together growing up in New Jersey and then joining the military which later turns out to have taken a toll on Monroe. Witnessing how far his one-time best friend descended into darkness in the “Kashmir” episode pushed Miles away from him. Now with Danny’s death, Miles becomes farther detached from Sebastian. He has failed one before, but this time, will Miles Matheson be able to kill a man he once called “brother”?

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