The Man Who saved Central City!! The Flash S2 Premiere Recap!!



Six months have passed since Barry stopped the singularity that threatened to swallow Central City and the world. He is now on his own. The city wishes to honor the Flash for his heroism but Barry is refusing the offer. Thinking back to that day, Barry recalls running inside the singularity when Ronnie and Dr. Stein merge into Firestorm and fly into the eye of the storm and separate, dispersing the anomaly. Barry was only able to save Stein and not Ronnie. At the rally in his honor, Barry arrives to receive the key. Suddenly, a man with incredible strength begins going on a rampage. Barry and Joe manage to drive him off but not before getting a look at his face. He is the man they found dead earlier at a factory. At the CCPD, Iris asks Cisco about a hospital experiencing malfunctions with all their x-ray machines. Cisco talks with Caitlin about the incident but she is reluctant to help. Barry is visited by an attorney representing Harrison Wells who hands him a USB containing a video message for Barry. Barry refuses at first but he soon watches the video. He then suddenly races to Star Labs to find Cisco, Stein, Joe and Iris there. They try to convince him that he needs help but Barry turn them down, racing off to face the metahuman Cisco tracked down. Flash finds and engages Atom Smasher (named by Stein), only to be beaten. Cisco hacks into the alarm system which allows Flash to escape and collapse at Star Labs. He awakens to Joe sitting next to him who give him sound advice. Barry then sees Caitlin and they watch the video that was left by Harrison Wells. The video is a confession to the murder of Nora Allen. Barry calls Joe and everyone gathers at Star Labs to find a way to stop Atom Smasher. Flash finds and lures Atom Smasher to a nuclear power plant and bombard him with more radiation than he can handle, which weakens him. He then tells Barry that Zoom promised to return him home if he killed Barry.


Flash picks up right where it left off with Barry racing to stop the singularity. However, his power is not enough for the effort. Firestorm flies into the center of the blackhole and separates back into Ronnie Raymond and Professor Stein. Barry is able to save Stein but not Ronnie. Ronnie death has taken a toll on everyone, Barry especially. He has pushed his friends away just to protect them from the dangers that come his way even though he needs them more than ever. I like how they made a hero to be more complicated as a person rather than their crazy double life. Barry, over the past six months, has become his own blackhole, taking in all the pain and suffering over his inability to save Ronnie. Funny thing is, no one blames him. His friends are still with him and ready to help if only he will let them. That was the main focus of the Season Two premiere. Barry getting over himself, getting out of this mentality that he can save everyone with the power he has. Luckily, Joe helps him realize that before Barry gets himself killed. The show still retains the heart that has made it likeable. As for what makes it popular, the movie quality effects. There’s no blackhole or tidal wave this time around. The amazing quality of what can be achieved on the small screen goes to newly introduced baddie Atom Smasher. DC fans know this character as a member of the Justice League. Watching him go through his “Bane-like” transformation, I dare say this was depicted better than Bane’s growth in the 1997 film “Batman and Robin”. Atom Smasher is not a hero but rather displayed as a villain, similar to his brief turn in the Justice Society of America comics, who comes to Central City to kill the Flash. WWE superstar Adam “Edge” Copeland portrays Albert Rothstein aka Atom Smasher.

Barry gets the shock of his life. He watches a video will from Harrison Wells which turns out to be a full confession to his murdering Nora Allen 15 years ago. Finally, Barry Allen gets closure and uses the video to free his father Henry. Unfortunately, Henry, seeing how much his son is loved and appreciated not only by his friends but the city itself, decides to leave allowing Barry to further grow as a man and as a hero. For now, everything is fine. But only for now. After defeating Atom Smasher, the strong man reveals the person who sent him to Central City to kill Flash—Zoom. Plus, worlds will collide when Jay Garrick shows up at the end and reveals to Barry that their world is in danger. Barry saved Central City. But is he ready to save…the world?

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