The Legendary Vampire Hunter returns in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!!

Darkness has descended on the Super Smash Bros stage and only one man can vanquish this evil. He is Simon Belmont. The legendary vampire hunter is back in action and ready for combat. With his trusty Vampire Killer whip at his side along with holy weapons, he will show all why he is a threat to the forces of evil. But he is not alone. He is joined by his descendant Richter Belmont and together they will hunt the night and smash all who stand in their way.

The presentation video below also reveals Dark Samus and Chrom as Echo fighters for Samus and Ike, respectively. Richter is also an Echo Fighter for Simon. Super Smash Bros Ultimate will feature new stages Dracula’s Castle and New Donk City Hall from Super Mario Odyssey among 103 others, 900 music tracks including 34 tracks from the Castlevania games. The game launches for Nintendo Switch on December 7.

Source: Anime News Network