The Legend of Luther Strode: Issue 1 reviewed by guest, Ra’Chaun Rogers

The Legend of Luther Strode: Issue 1of 6

Writer: Justin Jordan
Art: Tradd Moore
Publisher: Image.

Way back when a strange book, with a strange title called the Strange Talents of Luther Strode appeared in the LCS I once worked in, people raved over it and while it looked interesting I was never a fan of bandwagons. After the hype over the book had died down I decided to read the series and you know what the hype was well deserved. The story is about a bullied young man, his best friend and the girl he likes, the young man (the title character) sends away for the Hercules method a bodybuilding pamphlet reminiscent of the old Atlas body building methods in old comics. What ensues is a wild cross between a slasher film and fist of the North Star with likeable characters and a great ending fight scene.

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The Legend of Luther Strode is a sequel to the above mentioned, after the tragic event of first mini series Luther has become somewhat of a legend in the criminal underworld, a horrifying legend. Like a cross between batman and Jason Voorhees coming down on criminals like a butcher knife, very literally. I love the way Jordan writes the story from the Point of View of the villains it’s almost like being in a monster movie and the hero is the monster laying waste to whole rooms of criminals. The Gore factor is provided by Moore who does a good job of making things over top without making them hard to bare, which in scenes of ultra violence is mostly hard to do. The character still retains his tragic mood from his past’s events and while resigned to his new life he seems to accept it with melancholy. The New characters introduced come of confident without being arrogant and I cannot wait to see what their plans are for our Luther. I look forward to the next issue of this mini series and what ever else the future holds for our hero, so do yourself a favor and read the first series then pick this book up. I give this book a 4 out of 5.

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