The Ghost who Walks!! The Following S3 Ep.6 Recap!!



Ryan Hardy meets with Joe Carroll to discuss Arthur Strauss. Ryan visits Max to let her know that the investigation against them has been dropped but at the cost of Mendez’s job. Hidden in a secret room, one of Strauss’ followers hacks into the elevator’s computer at the attorney’s office, having go to the basement. The attorney who got Strauss’ case thrown out of court search for a way while being pursued by Strauss’ follower. Following a possible lead, Ryan and Mike head to a small town where six people who could be followers went missing. The deputy Hillary recognizes one of the people. She takes them to the marshland where a body was found. The deputy mentions that it rained that night. Suspecting that the area is prone to flooding, Ryan, Mike and the deputy investigate upriver where they discover a burial ground. Ryan and Mike discuss the case at Hillary’s uncle Duncan’s diner where a waitress tells them about the sheriff’s son Justin. They return to the woods where they find a meth lab and Justin. After a brief standoff, Justin is taken in and questioned by Ryan, Mike and the sheriff. Justin is not one of Strauss’ followers. He is handed over to the sheriff. Elsewhere, Strauss has been hiding out in a cabin with Daisy. The cabin belongs to Hillary’s uncle Duncan. Mike and Ryan learn about Duncan murdering his wife and arrest him. Meanwhile, Strauss’ best student finds him at Duncan’s cabin. After they reconnect, the student kills Arthur Strauss.

Michael Ealy portrays Theo, Arthur Strauss' best student who virtually a ghost. He played the android Dorian in FOX's sci-fi series "Almost Human".

Michael Ealy portrays Theo, Arthur Strauss’ best student who virtually a ghost. He played the android Dorian in FOX’s sci-fi series “Almost Human”.

Now we’re getting somewhere. The disturbance is slowly coming back into the show. Joe and Ryan reestablish their strange relationship with Joe willing to help Ryan find Strauss only if Ryan promises to visit him daily. He so misses their banter. Well the search leads to a town outside of New York complete with an unruly sheriff and the wayward son he always vouches for whenever he is in trouble. While searching the marshland where the deputy says they found a body, Ryan and Mike find an area decorated with dolls hanging from various trees each one skewered through the chest. The scene and creepy background music set this up for a perfect horror film moment where the killer pops out of nowhere. The disturbance continues when Ryan and Mike find several shallow graves with bodies at various stages of decomposition. Now take that and toss in Strauss’ student who is genius hacker and able to completely disappear without a trace. He is the one behind to forged letter sent to Agent Clarke’s email and the fake IDs used by Strauss and Daisy. Duncan knows nothing about the man, not even his name. The creep factor about this guy is that he gets a rush whenever he kills someone. When he first meets Strauss thirteen years ago, he tells Strauss how he feels when he killing someone. The description is almost poetic, like he thrives and gets a sexual high from taking a person’s life. That’s the disturbance that was missing! Not Mark whining like a sissy girl about his deranged mother and psychotic brother who were killed! This what make the Following enjoyable to watch—the disturbance. Duncan’s disturbing private area in the woods which looked like a baby doll massacre. The student’s disturbing Shakespearean description of his feelings as he kills. Joe Carroll’s disturbing charisma that draws you in. The Student has become the teacher now that he has killed Strauss. What will the FBI do against a man they cannot find? The disturbance was here in this episode. Now let’s keep it that way.