The Curious case of Aaron Pittman!! Revolution S2 Fall Finale Recap!!


Calvin Horn (Zeljko Ivanek) wants Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth) to use his nanite powers to cure his brain tumor which is slowly killing him. Horn kills Aaron's girlfriend Cynthia (Jessica Collins)

Calvin Horn (Zeljko Ivanek) wants Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth) to use his nanite powers to cure his brain tumor which is slowly killing him. Horn kills Aaron’s girlfriend Cynthia (Jessica Collins)when Aaron refuses to help

While they attempt to rescue Aaron and Cynthia, Rachel, Charlie and Miles discover all the Patriot soldiers unconscious. They enter the building only to find more knocked out soldiers. Charlie finds Aaron’s footprints and follows them out through a hole in the wall which leads to a tunnel that takes them outside of Willoughby. Rachel wants to go back to find her father. Miles tells her that they need to find Aaron first. Hearing a horse in the distance, they quickly take cover just as Calvin Horn’s wagon rides by. Aaron wakes up in a school where he finds Cynthia with him. Her wound is healed. There, he is met by a boy who saw him carry Cynthia inside. Aaron does not recall that event. While continuing their search, Miles, Rachel and Charlie are attacked by Patriot soldiers. Monroe arrives to assist. Neville and Jason join Roger Allenford as he travels to the White House. The train stops at a station and Neville looks out the window and sees Julia with another man. On the train, Julia tells Neville that she was out of Atlanta when the bomb was dropped. Tom brings Julia to Jason and asks him to take her back to her husband.

Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) is held at gunpoint while searching for Aaron

Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) is held at gunpoint while searching for Aaron

Monroe tells Miles he is out in helping him find Aaron. Miles shows him the infection spreading in his arm and tells Monroe that he help him find his son if Monroe agrees to help find Aaron. Issued an ultimatum, Monroe agrees. Aaron speaks to the boy whom Cynthia does not see. The boy says, “We fixed her. We brought you back to life.” This upsets Aaron. Cynthia calms him down and tells him to speak to the boy. Aaron speaks to the boy who turns out to be a vision created by the nanotech. Outside, Horn and the Patriots close in on the school. Miles, Charlie, and Rachel along with Monroe make their way into the school, taking out soldiers as they look for Aaron. Miles collapses in classroom from the infection in his arm. Soldiers storm the room Rachel and Miles are in. Rachel uses the machine gun to kill them. She then turns back to Miles who has passed out. While searching for a way out, Aaron and Cynthia run into Calvin Horn. Horn begs Aaron to heal him. Aaron tries to talk Horn down but his desperation wins out and he shoots Cynthia after she tells Aaron she loves him. Aaron orders the nanites to kill Horn and all the soldiers in the building. Afterward, the nanites leave Aaron alone, just as he asked.

About daggum time! We finally get answers to Aaron’s situation with the nanites. While hiding out in a school from Calvin and his men, Aaron has a vision of a young boy. The boy turns out to be a manifestation created by the nanites. Looks like the little buggers have become sentient beings. How did this happen? It was when Aaron deactivated them back in the first season finale that the nanites were given Artificial Intelligence. They know all of Aaron’s thought and feelings, and in turn they react to those feelings. Remember the vision Aaron had of Ben Matheson earlier in the season? That was the nanites trying to reach out to him. Long and short, he was thinking kill when the soldiers surrounded Miles and attacked Cynthia so the nanites listened and obeyed. I had a feeling something like this would happen. Honestly, I thought the nanites would develop the intelligence instead of inadvertently becoming self-aware by human intervention. They turned off the world’s power and now their purpose seems to be helping Aaron whenever he needs them, almost. When Calvin Horn, whose brain tumor is severely affecting him, finds them and kills Cynthia, Aaron has the nanotech roast Horn and the Patriots like turkeys. The nanites ask why Aaron didn’t ask them to heal Cynthia. Before, Aaron was freaked out when he learned that the nanotech is now sentient and he asks them to go away. Well what goes around comes around as the nanites refuse to heal Cynthia and leave Aaron. Clearly, the nanites are literal in the orders given to them. But now I’m curious as to their real purpose which raises the question of who is in control, them or Aaron.

Miles (Billy Burke) has moved up to the status of hero

Miles (Billy Burke) has moved up to the status of hero

Stubborn Miles still hasn’t learned how to ask for help. His slowly being sickened by an infection from the wound he received during his visit with Titus Andover. He keeps it under wraps from everyone but shows it to Monroe. My guess is he doesn’t have a lot of time left before he succumbs to the infection and he confides in Monroe to help them find Aaron. Or this is also a tactic to get Bass to help out since if Miles dies, Monroe will never find his son. Whatever the reason, it worked. They track Aaron to a school in another town with Charlie’s help (yeah, the girl’s got killer tracking skills). In one of the rooms, Miles collapses. As Rachel tends to him, he tells her that when he left for the war five years before the blackout, all he could think about was Rachel. To recap, Miles and Rachel had a relationship while Rachel was with Ben. How cute, Miles still has the hots for Rachel. But Rachel may not get the chance to return the favor as Miles passes out and she is unable to wake him. I hope Miles lives; he’s a pretty cool guy. However, their strained relationship can’t compare to what’s happening with Tom Neville. Guess what, Julia is alive and she is remarried (Talk about a total Jerry Springer moment). Neville and Julia get reacquainted in the coat room of one of the train cars (hey, they had to make up some time). But they don’t get back together. Needless to say Tom does not like the new guy in her life. I have a feeling he will take care of him later. But first he’s got a president to kill. Julia, however, stands up to him, and basically tells him ‘no.’ Before she would’ve just sat back and let Tom do whatever without questioning him but she apparently grew some back bone. She lays down the law and tells him to keep his job. She is most likely done with the life she lived when Tom was in the Monroe militia. Somehow, I don’t think Tom and Julia will be apart for long and why do I have a feeling that Julia may have picked up her (ex) husband’s habit of using people until their usefulness wears out?

We’ll find out what happens to Aaron and the others when Revolution returns in a few weeks.

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