The Curious Case of Aaron Pittman!! Revolution S2 Ep.14 Recap!!

Yeah buddy, it's all about you.


Yeah buddy, it's all about you.
Yeah buddy, it’s all about you.

Aaron is back in the modern world where he doesn’t seem to remember anything involving the blackout and he is living with Pricilla. He arrives at his old job at Google where he is shown a board with the code he created for the nanites. He begins having flashes of memory which are heightened when he sees Rachel Matheson on the news. Aaron tries to piece together what is happening. After a night’s rest, he seems to take the situation for what it is. At his job, his employees show him the codes again. Aaron is about the finish writing when Charlie suddenly shows up, kills both men and grabs Aaron. Aaron and Charlie escape the building where she reveals that the nanotech is in his mind and she is the part of him that wants to fight. Charlie tells him to find her mother. She is killed by Calvin Horn and a group of Patriot soldiers. Aaron escapes from Horn and finds Rachel who has no idea who he is. Nano-Calvin Horn finds him and Aaron forces Rachel to get in her car. They arrive at Miles’ home where Aaron tries to convince Miles, Rachel and Monroe to remember who they are. Patriot soldiers burst into the house and drag Aaron. Listening to Aaron’s cries for help, Miles, Rachel and Monroe remember their identities and save Aaron. They drive to Aaron’s building where it is suggested that he jump off the roof in order to escape the dream created by the nanotech. The nanotech appears as Pricilla and begs Aaron to fix the code but he refuses and steps off the roof. Aaron quickly finds himself strapped to a chair with Horn looming over him, demanding him to fix the code. Aaron manages to take control of his mind and send the Nano away.

Last week, Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth) tries to kill the nanites. They weren't too happy with that.
Last week, Aaron Pittman (Zak Orth) tries to kill the nanites. They weren’t too happy with that.
Well, it was going to happen eventually—Aaron takes the spotlight. Ever since the nanotech saved him, it was inevitable that he will suddenly become the center of attention. Dying from an error in the code, the nanotech decide to play “Matrix” with Aaron and make him believe that he is back at his old job as CEO so they can get him to fix the code. They prey on Aaron’s weaknesses, knowing how he missed having everything he could ever want. Unlike Charlie, Rachel and everyone else, who has made the adjustment to a powerless life, Aaron hasn’t really grasped the gravity of the situation. Part of him still wants the high life he had, the expensive house, the yacht, Pricilla. The nano capitalized on this single weakness and exploited it. This is a great example of how much they are evolving. They have gone as far as to create images of his friends Miles, Rachel and Charlie to force Aaron to play their game. However, Aaron is not so easily pushed around. He has stepped up to the plate a few times before and this time is no different. When the nanotech take the form of Calvin Horn, Aaron manages to pull himself together and confront them, forcing them to leave. Taking Horn’s form shows that the nanotech can be dangerous since they used Aaron’s memory of him to duplicate his mannerisms to the letter. Another example of their ferocity is when they make Aaron believe that he is back in Willoughby with Rachel and Miles and then they seemingly kill Rachel to force Aaron to fix the code. I was a little concerned about how the nanotech plays a part in this season but now I curious for the same reason.

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