The Blackest Truth!! Once Upon a Time S5 Ep.8 Two-hour special Recap!!


Once Upon S5-8_merlin

In Storybrooke, Arthur is exposed after attempting to destroy the Crimson Crown and he is jailed by David. Hook tells everyone that Emma’s actions are a result of something that happened between her and Hook back in Camelot. In search of her, He jumps off the roof of building and Emma saves him. He reveals the dark stories behind the rings he wears in the hopes that Emma will do the same. Emma agrees and takes Hook back to her home where she uses her magic to render him unconscious. Zelena is taken to the hospital after her pregnancy has been drastically advanced by Emma. Belle and Henry arrive with the book containing the spell and the final ingredient Emma needs—the tears of a newborn cry. Zelena soon delivers her and Robin’s daughter. Emma appears and whisks away with Zelena and not the newborn. Hook awakens in the basement beneath the house to find that Zelena is there with him. Emma still intends to use Excalibur to rid herself of the darkness using Zelena as a vessel. Mary Margaret, David and Regina arrive with Regina intending to stop Emma by any means. Emma exits her house and holds them off while Zelena and Hook escape. However, Hook stays behind to learnt the truth from Emma. When reenters the house, Hook uses the octopus ink to bind her. Then Zelena returns with a dreamcatcher the reveals the truth Hook is seeking. In Camelot, Arthur has a captured Emma’s family and friends in order to force her to help him repair Excalibur. Emma hands the box containing the flame to Zelena who opens it to reveal that it is fake. Arthur orders Merlin duel Emma which he wins. Then he is ordered to kill Snow White until Emma convinces him to resist the darkness. Merlin breaks Arthur’s hold on him and Hook, after freeing himself, knocks him down. Arthur leaves with Zelena. With encouragement from Hook, Emma ignites the Flame of Prometheus. Just as she is ready to rejoin Excalibur with the Dagger, Hook’s wound suddenly reopens. Hook is slowly dying in her arms and Emma whisks him away. Emma, afraid of losing Hook, uses her magic to bind Hook’s soul to Excalibur which results in Merlin’s demise and Hook becoming a new Dark One.

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Love will make you do crazy things but turning your boyfriend into the one thing he hates the most shouldn’t be one of them. Emma’s master plan is revealed in this episode. When she became the Dark One and reforged Excalibur, everyone thought Emma was trying to rid light magic. Her friends and family wrote her off as the Dark One rather than keep their faith that Emma Swan still exists. They probably feel like complete heels now that they know the everything that Emma has done in Storybrooke is for Hook. Even after becoming the Dark One, she still has the hots for the notorious pirate. In Camelot, Hook was dying after he was cut by Excalibur. Something Emma couldn’t bear with so she used her magic to bind Hook to the legendary sword to save him. But she destroys Merlin in the process. And here we thought this would be the end of Emma making silly mistakes. What’s more, she pulled off these two doosies in one fell swoop—bringing about the Darkness and killing the only person who truly could help them. Lately, it seems like the more Emma tries to help, the worse she makes things. Emma was going to inadvertently make another Dark One by using Zelena as a vessel for the dark magic once she removed it from her and Hook. Poor Hook. He has been battling the darkness for centuries, both in the form of the Dark One and within himself. During that time, he has come to dislike many people but there is none he hated more than the Dark One. His love was taken by the Dark One centuries ago. His love has once again been taken by the Dark One. Hook truly believed that Emma Swan was still alive but after learning the truth from a dreamcatcher, he now sees that Emma is gone, taken by the darkness. The twists and turns that take place in Once Upon a Time certainly keep the story interesting and wanting you to keep watching to find out what happens next. And I can’t wait to see what is going to happen now that Captain Hook has gone from the most feared pirate to sail the Seven Seas to the most powerful.


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