The Bear King!! Once Upon a Time S5 Ep.9 Two-hour special Recap!!



Once Upon S5-9_merida

To save his kingdom, Fergus strikes a deal with the witch. She crafts him a helm imbued with magic. Years later, the witch arrives in Dunbroch castle during Merida’s coronation in search of the helm. She reveals to Merida the contract signed by her father. Merida tells her mother that the helm was taken by the knight who killed the king. Her search for the knight leads her to an old friend Mulan. Merida asks Mulan for her help to find the helm. Mulan reluctantly agrees. During their search, they run into Arthur and Zelena who ask them about the helm. Zelena takes the bow belonging to Fergus from Merida and Arthur tells Merida about the helm before they leave. Heartbroken that her father is not the brave man she wanted him to be, Merida gives up her search despite Mulan’s protest. Mulan, instead, seeks out the witch in the hut. She encounters the wolf guarding the hut and knock over a nearby cauldron when she is attacked. The wolf is revealed to be Ruby. Merida is ready to hand her crown to Machintosh when Mulan arrives with Ruby who will help her find the murderer of King Fergus. Zelena and Arthur find the helm in the lake. Merida, Mulan and Ruby arrive just in time. Ruby tells Merida that Arthur is responsible for Fergus’ death. Merida duels Arthur while Ruby and Mulan handle Zelena. During the battle, clans Machintoch, Dingwall and MacGuffin rally behind her, forcing Zelena and Arthur to retreat. Back at her kingdom, the witch gives Merida a magic ale which she uses at her father’s grave to summon him from the underworld. Fergus gives his daughter his praise before his spirit fades away. Merida then declares war against Arthur.

Once Upon S5-9_mulan

I knew it! Ever since the third episode, I had a hunch that there was a connection between King Arthur and Merida of Dunbroch. Well he wasn’t behind her brothers’ kidnapping but he is responsible for something far worse—he killed Fergus, the Bear King. My other prediction was that Arthur invaded her land which turned out to be true. He was in search of a magic helm that is supposed to compel others to fight for you. Fergus went to the witch in the hut where he was given the helm but threw it in the lake after speaking with Merida about being a good leader. Also we see the return of two characters who have been missing for a while. To help prepare Merida for battle, Fergus enlisted the help of Mulan, who hasn’t been seen since she professed her love for Princess Aurora who still chose to be with Prince Phillip. Her broken heart lead Mulan to being a soldier for hire that is until she reunites with Merida and decides to help her find the knight who killed her father and save her kingdom. This leads to Mulan running into Ruby who was noticeably absent since the third season. Ruby had used a magic bean to return to the Enchanted Forest to search of her pack because she felt like an outcast in Storybrooke for she was the only one of her kind. She helps Mulan and Merida find King Fergus’ murderer King Arthur. Though they are minor characters, Mulan and Ruby have played significant roles as conduits between most of the female cast including Snow White and Aurora. The witch from “Brave” is also featured and plays a larger role than she did in the Disney film. Her offbeat personality and pension for half-hearted advice still rings true and portrayed well by Lily Knight, known for her role as Betty Harris in HBO’s original series “True Blood”. And we get to meet King Fergus, who upbeat and joyful demeanor remain intact thought his attitude has been toned down for the “Once” world. Glenn Keogh, best known for his role as Michael Casey on “Sons of Anarchy”, gives us a deeper insight to the Bear King. Though Merida saved her kingdom and won the respect of the other clans, her battle is not yet over. She has vowed to make Arthur pay for her father’s murder. For Arthur, this is not a good time to be the king.