The Art of Cunning!! The Following S2 Ep.8 Recap!!


Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) wants Lily Gray and it ain't for a date.

Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) wants Lily Gray and it ain’t for a date.

Emma is still upset over what happened and she wants out. However, Joe has a plan in the ready. Mika welcomes Joe, Emma and Mandy into his Corbin group. Later, Joe meets with Micah who wants Joe to show him how to kill people. At the funeral, Ryan runs into Karri, a reporter he met almost a year ago. She asks him about Joe Carroll after speaking to the pilot in Strafford. Ryan shuts her down. FBI director Tom Franklin (Charles S. Dutton) speaks with Ryan about Joe Carroll whom he also believes is alive. He wants Ryan to search for Carroll off the grid and hands him a flash drive with information about Joe’s half-brother. Back at his home, Ryan and Max look at the information on the flash drive and learn that a doctor lived near the lighthouse where Joe presumably died who may’ve attended to Joe following his falling out with Hardy. At the compound, Micah preaches to Joe about his interest in killing. Joe tells him that he has a psychopathic need to kill. Ryan speaks with Joe’s college professor Dr. Strauss to gather information about his time with Carroll. Dr. Strauss stays tight lipped about him. Ryan leaves but not before planting a bug in Strauss’ home. While Ryan is listening in, Karri he met arrives at Strauss’ home where she is drugged. Ryan rushes to the house and breaks in. He finds Strauss taking the reporter Karri to the basement when he is tackled by and sprayed with a gas that knocks him out. Ryan wakes up in the basement to find Karri strapped to a table. He deduces that Strauss is the one who taught Joe how to kill. Joe questions Micah about the loyalty of his flock and his wife. Julia has her doubts about Joe. Meanwhile, Strauss is about “operate” on Karri when a gunshot rings out. Ryan uses the distraction to free himself and restrain Strauss until Mike and Max take over and he frees Karri. Ryan and Mike interrogate Strauss who tells him about the woman Joe contacted in the FBI. At the compound, Joe’s plan is put into motion.

What happens to a guy when he witnesses his father’s murder with his own eyes? He gets pretty pissed. Mike Weston is out for blood and he wants it from Lily Gray. He is already having a time dealing with Parker’s death a year ago. Watching his father being sliced across the throat as if it were a fish’s belly may be the key to unlocking the rage boiling in him. Before, Mike’s anger got the best of him when he nearly beat Luke to death. That anger comes out again when he and Ryan find the man responsible for making Joe Carroll into the person he is today. Dr. Strauss, who was Joe’s professor in college, lived near the lighthouse where Joe presumably died. They learn that he tended to Joe who was injured in his falling out with Hardy. To get more information from him, they strap him to a table and break his fingers. Ryan plays good cop as he has to stop Mike who was repeatedly bashing the doctor’s hand with a mallet. Ryan is greatly concerned for Mike, fearing that Mike will be consumed by his revenge against Lily Gray just as Ryan was about Joe Carroll. Ryan knows what Mike is going through because of what happened to Claire Matthews. He knows Mike is in a lot of pain but it is not going to be easy for him to get through to him, especially since Mike tried to reach Ryan a year following Claire’s murder and Ryan shut him out. Now Ryan is on the receiving end of the silent treatment. This undoubtedly is causing tension between them which needs to be resolved if they both want their goals met. Tis a shame that Max has be caught in the middle.

Well my suspicions about Mendez are heightened even more. During their interrogation of Dr. Strauss, Mike and Ryan learn that Joe contacted someone in the FBI—a woman. The first woman that pops to mind is Mendez’s girlfriend Jenna. FBI director Tom Franklin approaches Ryan Hardy at Mike Weston’s father’s house and tells him that he is looking into the backgrounds of all FBI agents past and present. No doubt they’ll find Jenna’s name on that list and that she is with Mendez. Question is how Mike Weston is going to take it when Mendez is placed at the top of their suspected mole list after he trusted her in place of Ryan Hardy.

Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) has a plan. Joe Carroll has an awful, wicked plan.

Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) has a plan. Joe Carroll has an awful, wicked plan.

The grand plan Joe Carroll spoke about before has begun. As he has done with Lily Gray, he has Micah eating out of the palm of his hand. When Micah approached him about wanting to learn how to kill, Joe knew it would be easy to manipulate him. Micah was already unglued to begin with so Joe had little trouble getting into his head. With carefully chosen words, Joe has Micah weed out any doubters amongst his flock. It is amazing how meticulous Joe is in his planning and how easily he can pull a person’s strings without them realizing it. He’s like a mentalist; using choice words to compel a person do exactly what he wants them to do while the person is none the wiser. Joe’s charismatic influence even has Micah imprison his wife Julia who has doubted and made clear her wariness of Joe since his arrival to their compound. With the resistance removed, Joe can now begin his master plan, starting with the takeover of Micah’s flock (coupled with the disposal of Micah himself) before letting the world know that Joe Carroll has returned.

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