Tamio Ohki, “Ghost in the Shell” voice actor, dies at 89.

Tamio Ohki passed away last Thursday on December 14, his agency, Mansu Promotion, announced yesterday. He had been undergoing treatment for an unknown illness. Born in Tokyo on January 2, 1923, Tamio began his career soon after the end of World War II. He joined Japanese dub works of American TV drama and films, voicing well-known actors such as Robert Duvall, George C. Scott, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, among other. He was best known as the Japanese dub voice of Professor X/Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) in the X-Men movie series. Tamio has been in anime industry since the beginning of Japanese Anime television in the mid 1960s. His best known role was as Daisuke Aramaki in the Ghost in The Shell series. His last confirmed role is in the 2016 anime film, “planetarian.”

Tamio Ohki has portrayed many characters over his 50+ year career. Daisuke Aramaki from “Ghost in the Shell” is his best known role.

His other roles include Wort (Record of Lodoss War), King (Berserk 1997 anime), Tonpeti (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure), Grandpa (Space Dandy) and the Lupin the III anime specials.

Source: Mansu Promotions via Animate Times