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Super Smash Bros. Character Statues Made from Cans!

Posted to imgur today was this series of photos. Someone decided to take colorful cans from sodas and beers and mold them into statues of four iconic nintendo characters. Check out the original post here.  3,052 total views,  2 views today

 3,052 total views,  2 views today

Yoshi’s Wooly World

We’re excited for this new installment to the yoshi series! Yoshi Story was great, and it looks like they’re going back to that formula with some enhanced gameplay and graphics.  5,685 total views

 5,685 total views

Yoshi’s New Island – New Trailer!

Its a submarine! No, it’s a jackhammer! No! It’s a…. what is that? Oh it’s Yoshi.  1,462 total views

 1,462 total views

Sonic Travels to Yoshi’s Island! Lost World Add-On Content

Another new announcement from this morning’s Nintendo Direct. First there was Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, now there’s Sonic running around with a trail of eggs behind him! No problem with that though. Nintendo’s been doing a great deal of work with Sonic Team, and truthfully this new add on looks like fun! Check …

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 3,304 total views