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LSD: Dream Emulator

LSD or Lovely Sweet Dream, is a video game based off of a dream journal authored by a young Japanese girl. The dream journal was titled “Beautiful Dream Journey” . This game, released only in Japan in 1998 for the original playstation system, has earned itself a small cult following due to the generally disturbing nature of the game …

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Dance Central 3 now has Gangnam Style

PSY fans will be rejoicing over this piece of news. Gangnam Style is now available for Dance Central 3 players. Check out the video clip of it here.

New BlazBlue Game Announced

A new installment of BlazBlue was recently announced last week. Titled Chrono Phantasma, this newest installment is taking place after the events of Continuum Shift and has a lot of additions to the system including 4 new characters, new gaming mechanics, and an AI that fights as fierce as any tournament player. It has been …

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Mega Ran Language Arts Volume 3

Part 3 is here! The Language Arts Collection has been steadily under progress for months now. In May we saw the premier of the series with Language Arts Volume 1. Volume 2 followed only 3 months later in August. Now, another 3 months later, Mega Ran brings us Volume 3! Wow. Thats doing work. Album Art …

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Kung Fu Superstar: Learn Kung Fu with Kinect

Finally, virtual reality Kung Fu. Feel like Neo in a full body motion control video game to be (or not to be) released for Xbox Kinect system, titled Kung Fu Superstar. Whether it makes the cut is up to the support it receives on its Kickstarter Page “In this game, players will follow the amazing …

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