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Are Holland and Wahlberg treading “Uncharted” waters? *Movie Review*

When I heard about an Uncharted movie being, my first though was “This is a no-brainer.” Doing a movie based on a video game inspired by action-adventure films is sure to entertain and PlayStation Studios did not disappoint. Uncharted follows a young Nathan Drake on a globetrotting adventure with Victor “Sully” Sullivan in search of …

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid game planned for 2022!!

Attention Dragon Maid fans!! Our beloved Tohru and her dragon companions are getting their own video game courtesy of Bushiroad, the pop culture conglomerate best known for the latest entries in the RAIDEN top-down shooter series. The game will be released in Japanese and English under the name Sakuetsu!! Chorogon Breath for PS4 and Switch …

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Castlevania season three Official Trailer – premieres March 5

Here it is, y’all! Netflix has dropped the official trailer for their hit animated series, Castlevania! Carmilla is making her move to wipe out humanity along with the other vampire generals now that Count Dracula has been defeated. Can Trevor Belmont, the last of the Belmont Clan; Sypha Belnades, a Speaker who wields powerful magic …

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