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BronyCon 2014 Tabitha St. Germain Press Conference!

Enjoy the uncut, exclusive Tabitha St. Germain Press Conference from BronyCon 2014 in Baltimore. Tabitha is a very fun person to be around, and she found a way to answer every question with energy and enthusiasm! You’ll even get to hear her do a variety of voices from My Little Pony FiM and elsewhere! Yes, …

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BronyCon 2014 Claire Corlett (MLP’s Sweetie Bell) and Ian Corlett (DBZ’s Goku) Press Conference!

This was by far the most entertaining press conference at BronyCon 2014, as Claire (The voice of Sweetie Bell on MLP FiM) and her father Ian Corlett (The voice of Goku & Master Roshi in DBZ) have a great chemistry together that provides for lots of laughs! Be sure to check out the other two …

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BronyCon 2014 Andrea Libman Exclusive Press Conference Video!

We are back from BronyCon 2014 and we had such a good time! One of the things we enjoyed most was the Voice Actress Press Conferences. Basically, six to twelve people, all wearing press badges, would gather in a small room for the duration of 45 minutes to an hour. One of the very special guests …

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