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Space Dandy is coming back, baby!!

Wanna enjoy the galactic adventures of the galaxy’s “dandy guy in space” once again? Well, good news everyone! Toonami has announced the return of Space Dandy to their lineup. Get ready for more “out of this world” hijinks when Space Dandy returns January 27, 2018, baby! Here’s the Toonami lineup: 10:30p – Dragon Ball Super …

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Time Warp Review!! The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Pt.2!!

Ever since he was first introduced to the world, Link and Zelda have remained consistent throughout all the entirety of the Legend of Zelda series. No matter his incarnations, Link is always depicted as a young Hylian boy who is renowned for his swordsmanship and fighting skill who is humble yet brave. Although his appearance …

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Black Tribbles are curious about Bronies! LIVE 01/22 @ 9pm EST

Join the Black Tribbles in a discussion about BRONIES and likes of a kind that they don’t understand…but really want to. THURSDAY JAN 22nd 9pm ET on GTOWNRADIO.com LISTEN HERE LIVE: http://www.gtownradio.com CALL IN AT: (215) 609-4301      1,610 total views,  2 views today

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Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion-O from Thundercats on Black Tribbles! LIVE! TONIGHT!

Tonight on BLACK TRIBBLES SQUARED 10pm LIVE on 900AM WURD, The Tribbles say farewell to their progressive radio home in style with an interview with voice actor extraordinaire Larry Kenney, the man behind the growl of LION-O of the Thundercats, the cocoa goodness of Count Chocula and the woo-hoo looniness of Sonny the Cuckoo Bird of Cocoa Puffs! Plus …

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Black Tribbles: The end of Saturday Morning Cartoons, Nov. 6th LIVE at 9pm EST

Tune into BLACK TRIBBLES PRIME on Thursday Nov 6th 9pm LIVE on G-town Radio where we join a room full of sorrowful Tribbles in a touching, memory-filled EULOGY FOR A SATURDAY MORNING. Bring your tissues…and your favorite cereal bowls. LISTEN HERE LIVE: http://www.gtownradio.com CALL IN AT: (215) 609-4301  1,630 total views

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Cosplay Spotlight: StarshipPrincess

This week is StarshipPrincess’ COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!! Why do you cosplay? I cosplay because I love the artistic creation behind it. What was your first cosplay? My true first ever cosplay was Misa Amane from Death Note. Although, when I was 5 I remember my mom buying me a Sailor Moon costume. 🙂 Do you make your …

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What is Disney Infinity?

It looks like a Disney version of Skylanders, but with even more customization! I’m okay with that! Watch the first official trailer for Disney Infinity, an exciting new video game available in summer 2013 on all major gaming platforms including PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS! What do you think?  4,068 total views

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Join your Black Tribbles and singers ALEXA GOLD, SHAMIKA PHOENIX and TARAGIRL and ring in the holidays singing your favorite CARTOON THEME SONGS of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s…Sunday Dec 23rd @ 10pm EST on www.900amWURD.com – On Air, Online and In the Community!  3,284 total views,  2 views today

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