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Black Tribbles (106.5FM): Who are the Best Baldies?

Thursday 3/15/18 WPPM-LP find out who we believe has the cleanest and freshest of BALDIES on Black Tribbles [Prime] as we continue to push forward with our March Madness Tournament bracket. Tune in, comment, share and WATCH us LIVE via the Official Facebook Page. With in-studio guests Ariell Johnson, owner of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, & Mixologist Summer …

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21+ Holiday NERD PARTY!! No COVER! PRIZES! Hosted by the Black Tribbles!!

Yeah that’s right! DATE: Saturday December 17th 2016 TIME: 6pm – 10pm LOCATION: The Irish Times, 2nd Street Philly (629 S 2nd St, Philadelphia) ***** NO COVER!! FREE EVENT!!! ***** Join the award-winning Black Tribbles for our Annual Holiday party!! Enter the 2-person NERD PICTIONARY TOURNAMENT!! 8 teams will be made and the winners each get …

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“We are THE Black Tribbles!” The Black Tribbles won their court case!

“The verdict has finally been rendered in our 3-year battle against He Who Shall Be Named and suffice to say, we are extremely satisfied. Hear the tale for the last time of the secret origin of the Black Tribbles and their wage of trademarks against their greatest foe ever! Plus – an All-Girl Show or …

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Black Tribbles Prime: Best Female Characters (Round Two) 3/13/2014 @ 9pm EST

Thursday on Black Tribbles is the 2nd round of the All-Female Mega Ultra Awesome Tournament of Legend, this time it’s THE GAMING DIVISION! Power up Thurs @ 9p EST LIVE on www.GTOWNRADIO.com for Nerd Madness in March as only a Tribble can do it! To view the BRACKET click here: http://challonge.com/blacktribbles1 You can watch it advance LIVE tonight while …

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Black Tribbles Prime: Best Female Characters (Round One) 3/6/2014 @ 9pm EST

Just in time for a certain Madness of March, we present Spider-Tribble’s MEGA ULTRA AWESOME TOURNAMENT OF LEGEND, starting with round one, THE ANIMATION DIVISION!!! Thursday March 6th 9p EST. CALL IN AND BE A PART OF THE VOTING PROCESS! The divisions for the tournament are: Animation, Comic Books, Film & TV, and Gaming. Round One …

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A new home for the geek radio show Black Tribbles?

Due to the weather emergency alert in Philadelphia, the Black Tribbles will not air LIVE tonight on G-town Radio. However we will have TWO ALL-NEW SHOWS for your downloading and streaming pleasure available Friday morning 2/14/14. Check out www.BLACKTRIBBLES.com for everything Tribbles… The Facebook home of the one & only Black Tribbles and our fans, has now …

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Black Tribbles Prime: COUPLES WHO GEEK TOGETHER tonight @ 9pm EST

Screenwriter TONY PURYEAR (Eraser) and his wife, actress ERIKA ALEXANDER (The Cosby Show, Living Single) kick off a romantic month of COUPLES WHO GEEK TOGETHER as they chat with the Black Tribbles about their joint venture, Dark Horse Comics’ CONCRETE PARK. Its sweet natured gun-play with a hard edge wrapped in a skirt! Thursday February …

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Black Tribbles + Blazing Saddles + Philly Fun = Christmas Tribblee!

TRIBBLE NATION, THIS IS FOR YOU! Celebrate the holidays with music, brew, chew and your Black Tribbles and win prizes doing it! HO-HO-HO as The Black Tribbles whip out the 1974 holiday classic BLAZING SADDLES SHARE A MERRY LAUGH and win a grab bag of prizes on the bawdy 70’s game show MATCH GAME with special host …

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Black Tribbles Prime: Favorite CARTOON of the 80s TONIGHT @ 9pm EST

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE CARTOON OF THE 80s? We run through them all Thursday Dec 5th 9pm EST on Black Tribbles Prime on www.GTOWNRADIO.com CALL IN at 215-609-4301 and give us your   1,774 total views,  4 views today

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Black Tribbles Prime: WOULD YOU HAVE KISSED GLEN? Tonight 9pm EST

This week on Black Tribbles Prime we address some very interesting and fun questions that have perplexed the blogosphere in the past few weeks including “WOULD YOU HAVE KISSED GLEN, BLOODY WITH FLU, AT THE END OF THE WALKING DEAD?”; special guests Ms Joshi & Trevor of G-town Radio’s Lesbe Real Radio Talk…Thursday 9p EST on www.GTOWNRADIO.com  1,821 total views, …

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