Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion-O from Thundercats on Black Tribbles! LIVE! TONIGHT!

Tonight on BLACK TRIBBLES SQUARED 10pm LIVE on 900AM WURD, The Tribbles say farewell to their progressive radio home in style with an interview with voice actor extraordinaire Larry Kenney, the man behind the growl of LION-O of the Thundercats, the cocoa goodness of Count Chocula and the woo-hoo looniness of Sonny the Cuckoo Bird of Cocoa Puffs! Plus …

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Black Tribbles: 10 Things TV Teaches About Black Women LIVE @ 10pmEST

Sweet or sour; classy or ratchet. THE TOP TEN THINGS TELEVISION TEACHES ABOUT BLACK WOMEN, good and bad. Join the Nation in a necessary conversation Sunday 10pm EST on Philly radio 900am WURD and 900amwurd.com – On Air, Online and In the Community. LISTEN LIVE: http://www.mainstreamnetwork.com/listen/player.asp?station=wurd-am    1,438 total views

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Black Tribbles²: DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING @10pm EST

Last week’s mid-season opener was 112 gallons of chocolate pudding heaven; WHAT’s NEXT? Find out Sunday 9pm EST on The Walking Dead, then dig deep on Black Tribbles² 10pm EST on 900AM WURD (and Dead Tribbles Talking mid-season opener will be dropping soon too!) LISTEN LIVE: www.900amwurd.com  4,992 total views

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A new home for the geek radio show Black Tribbles?

Due to the weather emergency alert in Philadelphia, the Black Tribbles will not air LIVE tonight on G-town Radio. However we will have TWO ALL-NEW SHOWS for your downloading and streaming pleasure available Friday morning 2/14/14. Check out www.BLACKTRIBBLES.com for everything Tribbles… The Facebook home of the one & only Black Tribbles and our fans, has now …

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Black Tribbles² talk The Walking Dead mid-season premier TONIGHT @ 10pm EST

Season 4 of The Walking Dead returns on Sunday February 9th on AMC-tv which means that, immediately afterwards on 900AM WURD, there will be a whole lot of DEAD TRIBBLES TALKING on Black Tribbles² 10p EST! LISTEN LIVE: www.900amwurd.com  4,128 total views

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Black Tribbles²: Author MAURICE POPLAR tonight @ 10pm EST

Mary Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein in a competition with other writers of her day and is considered one of the first true science fiction tales. Author MAURICE POPLAR has intriguing thoughts about the origin of the Original Zombie and we’ll explore them Sunday 10pm EST on Black Tribbles² on 900AM WURD – On Air, Online and In …

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Black Tribbles²: Black Women on the small screen TONIGHT 10p EST

Black Tribbles² welcome blogger NICHOLE PERKINS and whiskey soaked tones to discuss the current crop of Black Women on the small screen – Sunday Jan 26th 10p EST on 900AM WURD – On Air, Online and In The Community LISTEN LIVE: www.900amwurd.com  4,455 total views

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Black Tribbles²: Investigating KWANZAA. Tonight at 10pm EST

Black Tribbles end their 2013 season on 900AM WURD with a investigating conversation about KWANZAA – Sunday Dec 22nd 10p EST. www.900amwurd.com  4,203 total views

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Black Tribbles + Blazing Saddles + Philly Fun = Christmas Tribblee!

TRIBBLE NATION, THIS IS FOR YOU! Celebrate the holidays with music, brew, chew and your Black Tribbles and win prizes doing it! HO-HO-HO as The Black Tribbles whip out the 1974 holiday classic BLAZING SADDLES SHARE A MERRY LAUGH and win a grab bag of prizes on the bawdy 70’s game show MATCH GAME with special host …

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Black Tribbles²: The Boondocks debate TONIGHT @ 10pm EST

Sunday on Black Tribbles² we dig into the deep with returning guest Dr. Sheena C Howard as we hold up THE BOONDOCKS comic strip and cartoon series to see which represents and which one is frontin’ – 10pm EST Dec 15th on 900AM WURD – On Air, Online and In the Community!  5,813 total views

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