Super Smash Bros! Fire Emblem Fiesta! Three New Characters in One Video!

Awesome new video posted on the Super Smash Bros Website! See for yourself:

Basically this girl from Fire Emblem, Lucina, finds out that her father, Chrom has been knocked out. Turns out that the evil bounty hunter Captain Muscles was up to no good, picking on helpless dads.

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They battle, and C. Falcon continues to smirk as he gives this poor little swordfighter chick a whoopin! Then, just before he can give Lucina a Liu Kang Mortal Kombat style fatality, her buddy Robin shows up and saves her life! Wow, C. Falcon, way to represent justice! I’m surprised he didn’t tell her to show him her moves.

Anyway, dark portrayal of Captain Falcon aside, two new fighters, Lucina and Robin, both from Fire Emblem, are joining the battle. 

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Both Lucina and Robin are from the newest game in the franchise, Fire Emblem Awakening for Nintendo 3DS. Robin is one of the two main protagonists of the game, and your main avatar.


You have the option to name him, or her, whatever you’d like, very much like in Pokémon games. If you choose not to customize the name, the default name will be Robin. Because you can play as either a male or female in the Fire Emblem game, they have brought this option into Smash Bros as well. Very cool!

Lucina is a princess who believes that saving the world is her mission. She is the future daughter of Chrom, the other main protagonist in FE: Awakening, and she is playable later in the game. She possesses no magic ability, but appears to be a quick swordfighter. Actually, if you watch the video at the part where she fights, you can see that several of her moves are the same as Marth’s from Melee and Brawl. She does moves that look very similar to Marth’s SIDE+B (On Luigi), UP+B (On Bowser), and NEUTRAL AIR. I smell a clone, but I’ll hold my skepticism back until we learn more.


She kind of looks like Marth too, but I guess thats just royal dress code in the FE kingdom. Blue hair dye and all.


Robin, seems to have a very interesting fighting style. In FE: Awakening, his, class is Tactician, meaning he can wield swords as well as magic tomes. In the video, he announces that he has a wide variety of tomes, capable of both dark and elemental magic, but he can only use them so many times. When he runs out, he’s got his Levin Sword (サンダーソード, Sandā sōdo, lit. Thunder Sword), to keep him a worthy opponent.

This makes for a grand total of four Fire Emblem characters who will be appearing in this game! That’s not a complaint, it’s just a little surprising. With Falco not confirmed, Fox stands alone in representing his home planet. Also, Kirby and King DeDeDe are the only representatives of Dreamland, although it’s probably best that MetaKnight doesn’t show up. Still, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Jigglypuff. I’m going to lose a fair amount of respect for Sakurai if the puff doesn’t return for a fourth appearance.


Awww no worries puff, they’ll call on you any day now!

“Ike you should totally get a shiny hairband.”
For more pics of the new characters, visit The Super Smash Bros Official Website

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