Spider-Man E3 2017premiere trailer looks AMAZING!! Spectacular even!!


The Wall Crawler’s presence in gaming has been quiet since Shattered Dimensions. Now he’s back and looking better than ever! Insomniac Games, the company that gave birth to Spyro the Dragon, is behind this latest incarnation of Spider-Man’s digital world. Titled “Spider-Man”, the game borrows elements from Rocksteady Games’ “Batman Arkham” series with Spidy sneaking around and surprising enemies, and using environmental takedowns. This game sports the most beautifully rendered graphics I have ever seen. Every minute detail from droplets of water to the webbing on Spider-Man’s suit can be seen clearly. In combat, Spidy moves exactly as we expect him to–smooth, fluid, fast. He can even use his webbing in junction with melee strikes. Oh and the webbing. That beautiful webbing looks awesome, especially when it is spread out. Spider-Man is requested by Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin to protect his men from a gang called the Demons in exchange for information about a new threat in the city. It is not long before he meets his latest foe, Martin Lee aka Mister Negative.

Spider-Man swings into the PlayStation 4 in 2018!